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NZXT S340 Case Review

Posted November 4, 2014 by Kenny in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $69.99 on Newegg.com


Simple Aesthetics, Outstanding Layout, Sturdy and Solid Construction


No 5.25" Bays Available, Simple Aesthetics might turn off some
Considering the price of the NZXT s340 at $69.99, its a hard price to beat with the features and options. While on top of that you also get a nice solid constructed chassis made mostly of steel and with possible water cooling options. What more can you ask for!! We feel that NZXT really hit the spot with its price to performance/feature ratio and earns one of our highest awards.
by Kenny
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At first glance, most users are going to critique the boxy look of the NZXT S340. While this is true… some prefer stick to the simple lines. For those who are into the transformer style cases, sorry…. this one is not for you. We appreciated the sleek lines and solid construction of the NZXT S340. The black glossy finish was a nice touch, even though we typically aren’t fans of a glossy look.

NZXT obviously spent a great deal of time to get things down right. Due to its size, we were quite impressed with the possibilities of hardware that will fit inside. The open layout made it easy to work with, and the cut outs were on point to what users will want from a chassis. We also really enjoyed the matte finish on the inside; if they only had continued the same finish to the exterior, we think this would have topped it off for us. The HD trays to the built in PSU cover really made it appealing since all the cables are hidden away. This really made for a cleaner look.

Cable management was simple with the set up of the PSU cover; it helps with hiding all those cables out of sight. The rear of the motherboard tray gave enough space to run all the cables we needed, and the channeled section also gave us more flexibility to tie down our PSU cables. Those who have ranted about not being able to install an AIO unit at the top really shouldn’t draw anyone away from the S340; you actually have options to install an AIO at the rear and front of the chassis. This case has more options than even some of the pricier and larger cases.

The only complaint we had was that the glossy finish does attract more dust and finger prints as you saw in our pictures. It isn’t not enough to really deduct anything from NZXT. The lack of any 5.25″ bays may draw some consumers away as well though. For some this will not be a concern, since not everyone uses optical drives anymore… of course, a simple external DVDROM can solve this issue. Of course, adding any 5.25″ bay accessories won’t be possible either, so if that is a concern for you than you will need to look elsewhere.

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If you take into consideration the price of the NZXT s340 at $69.99 on Newegg.com, it’s a hard price to beat with the features and options you get. On top of that, you also get a solidly constructed chassis made mostly of steel and with room for water cooling options. What more can you ask for? We feel that NZXT really hit the spot with the price to performance/feature ratio of the S340 chassis. It earns our PureOverclock Great Hardware Award.







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