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NZXT S340 Case Review

Posted November 4, 2014 by Kenny in Cases & PSU


Price at time of Review: $69.99 on Newegg.com


Simple Aesthetics, Outstanding Layout, Sturdy and Solid Construction


No 5.25" Bays Available, Simple Aesthetics might turn off some
Considering the price of the NZXT s340 at $69.99, its a hard price to beat with the features and options. While on top of that you also get a nice solid constructed chassis made mostly of steel and with possible water cooling options. What more can you ask for!! We feel that NZXT really hit the spot with its price to performance/feature ratio and earns one of our highest awards.
by Kenny
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Weather you are an extreme PC builder or just the average budget-minded consumer, NZXT has develop quite a few well rounded PC Chassis. Just a few years ago the NZXT Switch 810 caught the attention of many water cooling builders.

Today, we are going to be looking at another chassis with NZXT’s famous attention to detail; we have the NZXT S340 Chassis on our test bench today. The NZXT S340 chassis has been classified as a mid-range tower, but it offers several features and benefits of a full tower. The S340 includes a full steel frame along with its steel panel construction.

Let’s move forward and give you the full review of the NZXT S340 Chassis, but before we do, let’s talk a little bit about NZXT for those who haven’t yet heard of them.

Exterior 1



nzxt_logo copy(1)

Our People
React, adapt and be fearless – we’re a group of young people who aspire to be better tomorrow than we are today. We are driven by the yearning to explore, create, change, and push boundaries. Our culture revolves around having a passion to walk off the well-beaten path, and turn away from the status quo.

Our Company
Avant-garde and unconventional – NZXT as created because we aspire to make a positive difference for people. We believe that there are companies that ship product, and then there are companies that ship innovation. We routinely re-invest in ourselves, and hope that we can drive a positive influence in the industry.

Our Products
Think like a beginner – because we grew up in the generation of the 25-cent arcade, the 16-bit home gaming console, and star wars lego collections, the experience is what concerns us. Nothing excites us more than the blank canvas waiting for inspiration. We’re always pushing to learn and reinvent ourselves.

Let’s move forward and dive into this review.



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