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NZXT Performance Power 800W

Posted May 12, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Performance Power 800W unit itself is finished in a matte black colour, nothing terribly flashy here. The finish is rather plain, so if you’re in the market for some major "bling" then you should look elsewhere. It does sport a rather neutral finish, so it should fit in and look good in just about any case setup, with or without a windowed panel. The finish on the Performance Power 800W is quite smooth and isn’t really textured much at all, but due to the matte finish you really won’t have an issue with fingerprints. Additionally, the finish appears to be reasonably scratch-resistant, as I did give it a little poke with a screwdriver to test it out. Thankfully, nothing negative to report and it held up better than other manufacturers’ units we’ve seen. Overall, the Performance Power 800W looks quite nice but it does seem a bit light on the weight side, so we’ll see if that’s a sign of things to come or not.

One of the most noticeable visual and function features here is the second intake fan on the side of the power supply. Most units on the market today have made the move to a single, large fan (usually 135mm or more), but NZXT has chosen to go with 2 fans instead, one of which is a 120mm diameter, and the second is an 80mm variety. This is a rather perplexing decision in our opinion, as it’s been our experience that a 2-fan setup is usually considerably noisier than a 1-fan design. While the second fan is supposed to aid in cooling, we’re not entirely convinced, so we’ll be sure to note the noise of the unit during testing. Neither of the fans are LED, which is a bit interesting, considering that NZXT certainly isn’t shy about using LED fans in their cases. Given the plain appearance of the unit, a LED fan or two might have spiced things up a bit here.

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NZXT Performance Power 800W
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NZXT Performance Power 800W

The Performance Power 800w is not modular, instead going with a more traditional setup with all the cables attached directly to the unit. While this is a bit surprising for a unit in the 800W market segment which would normally come with a modular setup, the price tag for the NZXT unit is rather attractive, so that does help offset the lack of modular cables. Depending on your perspective, spending 10 minutes to hide a few extra cables could well be worth saving $30 in return.

The cable connectors cover most high-end setup needs, those for SLI and CrossFire, including 2 – 6-pin and 2 – 6+2-pin connectors needed for the latest high-end graphics cards. Interestingly, they are each paired together on the same cable, so theoretically this should cut down on the cables required for a graphics card if you have one that requires each pin connector. The cables lengths are sufficiently long, but you may have an issue with a bottom-mounted power supply full tower case design. If you are prone to tidy cabling and prefer to route the cables behind your motherboard tray, then you may find there isn’t enough slack when going through a full tower setup to accomplish this. But this depends entirely whether or not your motherboard tray has cutout holes in the proper places; proper cutouts should pose no problems, but poor cable management holes in your case may create some difficulty. Mind you, I’m a cable management nut, so take that with a grain of salt, but it’s just something to keep in mind.

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NZXT Performance Power 800W
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NZXT Performance Power 800W

Looking at the specifications we see that the Performance Power 800W has 4 +12V rails, each rated at 18A, and a total of 720W available. This should be more than adequate for most enthusiast setups unless you’re going with a quad SLI or CrossFire setup. The rear of the unit features honeycombed perforations to allow for increased airflow from the fan to exhaust the hot air out the rear of your case. 

Let’s open up the Performance Power and see what we have inside.

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