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NZXT Kraken X62 Liquid CPU Cooler Review

Posted December 12, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $159.99 on NZXT site


Amazing aesthetics, Solid performance, Great software and control, Excellent Quality, An infinity mirror!


Isn't Free, Infinity mirror isn't an infinity guantlet
If you want liquid cooling and never intend to expand the loop, the Kraken X62 should be on the top of your shopping list
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by Josh Jackson
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Testing Results

Let’s analyze these cooling results. It’s surprising how much the Nepton was able to keep up with the Kraken. I think that mostly has to do with not having a very aggressive heat output to deal with. Even with a decent overclock, the FX-6350 isn’t going to stress cooling solutions as much as other chips. That said, the Kraken pulls a modest lead and without being able to have rock solid room temps to test in, it’s possible the Nepton had some slightly more favorable conditions. In the end, full performance takes the top spot though and I bet that lead would only strengthen as heat output gets higher.

Kraken X62 OC Results

The noise levels on this unit are pretty great. Even though full speed is noticeably audible, I feel like it’s at the limit of not pushing the fan noise too much. When you compare it to the fact that I’ve seen other units hit 60 dB, the Kraken is doing really good. The silent and performance profiles were extremely comfortable from my personal point of view.

Kraken X62 dB

I’m a firm believer that factory thermal paste can make or break a unit. Considering that NZXT’s factory job was only a degree higher than my own GC-Extreme, the Kraken X62 is doing a great job here.

Kraken X62 TIM Diff


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    I’d like to see this cooler against the current Thermaltake 3.0 360 (Their top AIO offering). I scoured the web and found one older review comparison that was suspect IMO.

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