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NZXT Kraken G10 AIO Graphics Card Adapter

Posted December 10, 2013 by Kenny in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: $29.99 on NZXT.com


Great Cooling Performance, Great Performance to Value, Easy Installation


No Additional cooling for VRM via additional heatsinks
If you are looking to use a water-cooling solution on your graphics card without breaking the bank, then the NZXT Kraken G10 AIO Graphics Card Adapter could help you accomplish exactly that.
by Kenny
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When it comes to graphic card cooling, aftermarket air coolers were the best option in the past. Also, unless you were going full water cooling, your options were pretty limited. Recently we have started to see a mass of AIO (all in one) water cooling products come to market giving users many more options for CPU cooling; however, up until now there have not been too many similar options for graphics card cooling. We have seen a few PC enthusiasts creating custom brackets to attach these all in one CPU coolers onto graphics cards, and we have even seen some users even using zip ties, but very few manufactured solutions exist.

Sadly, in the long run, we find that many of those custom “homebrew” options were not too pretty and/or had diminished longevity. Today things might be shifting. There is a leading manufacturer that has been listening to its customers and actually produced a bracket using this exact idea. It’s also designed to offer up greater reliability and aesthetic appeal for the PC enthusiasts.

We would like to introduce you to the NZXT Kraken G10 AIO Cooling Bracket which we will review today. NZXT was also kind nice enough to provide us with an NZXT X40 aAIO cooler for testing as well. Read on to find out how this new product stands in the spotlight.

Before we dive further into the review, let’s take a minute to read a bit more about NZXT:

Our People
React, adapt and be fearless – we’re a group of young people who aspire to be better tomorrow than we are today. We are driven by the yearning to explore, create, change, and push boundaries. Our culture revolves around having a passion to walk off the well-beaten path, and turn away from the status quo.

Our Company
Avant-garde and unconventional – NZXT as created because we aspire to make a positive difference for people. We believe that there are companies that ship product, and then there are companies that ship innovation. We routinely re-invest in ourselves, and hope that we can drive a positive influence in the industry.

Our Products
Think like a beginner – because we grew up in the generation of the 25-cent arcade, the 16-bit home gaming console, and star wars lego collections, the experience is what concerns us. Nothing excites us more than the blank canvas waiting for inspiration. We’re always pushing to learn and reinvent ourselves.

Let’s move in for a closer look at the Package and Specifications.





    Thanks Kenny. Another awesome review.

    Danny Sentry

    Thanks for the review. How many slots did the solution take? 2 or 3?


      In your set up it took up 2 slots, but its close to being 3 slots, I would probably put it at about 2 and 1/3 of a slot.. Depending on your motherboard layout, it will work in SLI.

    Bag smith

    On legit reviews review of this, they tested it with a 290x! That card is putting out wayyyyy more heat than a 7970, so why did they get mid 40C temps and you got mid 60C? I don’t get it. Ambient temps were similar as well


      True, the 290X outputs a tremendous amount of heat. There is a thermal limit for each type of cooler, and some may (or may not) be suitable for ALL types of cards. A 290X might be a potential example, or a dual-GPU 7990 as well. Keep in mind that if you’re spending $600 on a 290X, chances are you have a very high end system and will go with a DIY cooling solution, likely with a 360mm rad. Doubt someone will drop that kind of cash on a card and then cheap out with a mainstream AIO cooler.


      Hey Bag Smith, Thanks for reading the review and TBH, I am not sure how Legit Reviews got those temps. In-fact, (and I am not putting the review down from LR), but those temps are hard to believe with just a single 140rad from the AIO cooler. Most full cover waterblocks don’t even cut cooling temps that much in most cases. As you can see, even my Swiftech block didn’t cut temps with a 360mm rad attached. So again, I am not sure how temps are recorded on his 290X, but I can say that while the G10 is a great solution, don’t expect it to beat a full custom water cooling loop solutions. Its a great started and cheap alternative if you don’t want to go full water loop.

      Temps that we recorded with the G10 and Kraken X40 are true results with the 7970 we have.


    Hey Kenny, great review. Do you think there would be room on an Asus F2 A85-M Pro mobo for these on two Sapphire R9 270s?


    Hi Derek, If I am looking at the images of the mb you mention correctly you shouldn’t ave any issues since it has enough spacing. depending if you can neatly get all your cables tied up you can def. do it. Sorry for the late reply in your message. I haven’t been on the forums lately due to my work schedule.


    Thanks for a detailed review of installation , what I was trying to find and get to know how to install the cables specially to the mother board except the fan cable there’s another cable connected which looks like 1394 jack where to install ? Would make it more easier for a new bee like me .

    Ronan Paul D'ayot y Bulahan


    I would like to know if this product is Compatible with my ASUS GTX 780ti DCUII OC 3GB?

    Lastly, when you buy this NZXT Kraken G10, is it a package? I mean, the Bracket together with the Fans and Radiator?

    Thank you very much!

    Looking for your positive response and would be glad to receive your response in my email’s inbox.




      Hi, These should fit the GTX 780 and 780Ti. Most of the newer graphics cards should have no issue with spacing, however I would submit a suppoot ticket to NZXT to double check and make sure. We reviews this a while ago and no longer have it in our possession so we wouldn’t be able to check.

      In regards to what is include, the G10 is only the bracket, you will still need to get a AIO cooler, which has the pump, block and radiator set up.

      Hope this helps.

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