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NZXT Havik 120

Posted April 11, 2012 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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NZXT makes their first venture in air cooling with the Havik series. The Havik 120 is smaller than some of the gargantuan air coolers we have seen before, and we hate to beat a dead horse, but memory module clearance continues to be the biggest issue when choosing the best cooling solution. Sure, selecting low profile modules may be the easiest remedy but some have favorite brands and models. On the Intel side, the Havik 120 allows just enough clearance for those tall memory kits so you can maximize the system’s memory capabilities. On the AMD side, the first DIMM slot cannot be populated. Running the Havik 120 with one fan in pull configuration may be the solution here but at the cost of higher temperatures.

Performance on the Havik 120 was good, but it is not one of your top performing air coolers nor was it intended to be. It performed very respectably on both sides of the coin with Intel and AMD. Sandy Bridge “E” owners should tend to look at the higher end and higher priced air coolers if they want extreme overclocking performance, but it still is a solid choice for those not looking for cutting edge overclocking. The Havik 120 is very quiet as well. The fans push 78 CFM’s while running at 22 decibels, which was a pleasant surprise.

We would not put the Havik 120 up with the big boys as a top tier air-cooling solution but overall it performs very respectably. Retailing for $55 does not make it the most expensive but rather puts it in the middle of the pack; however, we have seen many coolers at this price point perform a little better than the Havik 120. Still, taking the performance, size and the low noise into consideration, the NZXT Havik 120 earns a recommendation from us.

NZXT Havik 120



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