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NZXT H630 Case Review

Posted July 12, 2013 by Kenny in Cases & PSU







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Price at time of Review: $149.99 on Newegg.com


Great watercoling Options, Simple sleek design, spacious and feature packed


Could use some extra grommets to cover cut outs, the front I/O panel is positioned on the right side and could be a problem for some setups, could use a bit better intake ventilation, small amount of 5.25" bays.
NZXT has a real winner here. They did a great job on the H630's features and design, and at at a price point of $149.99 on Newegg.com, it is a tremendous value.
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by Kenny
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Final Thoughts

To wrap things up, let’s first go back to aesthetics. When it comes to the H630, there aren’t many fancy curves or dramatic features. NZXT decided to stick to simplistic, yet elegant lines and we appreciate this. The simple matte black finish is also great, although it did make it very easy to leave finger prints which didn’t really bother us much.

Even though NZXT did keep the H630 simple from an exterior stand point, they did put quite amount of work on the chassis internally with its features. The water cooling capabilities for the H630 are very much appreciated. We did have some minor concerns with possible air flow restrictions, but we feel that it did just fine with our water cooling set-up. For an air cooling build, we feel the case might suffer a little bit in that aspect, unless you plan to keep things at mostly stock settings.

When it comes to its noise levels, with all 10 fans running a full speed, the case is completely silenced from its dampening panels. The cougar fans used are nearly silent operating, while there is a degree of noise, but sitting 2 feet away from the case, you can’t hear that they are spinning at full speed. So as you can see, the NZXT H630 performed to its intended purpose; however, as we mentioned, to get this effect we did suffer in the airflow department a bit.

Here are some temps we got with our CPU overclocked to 4.2GHz on the 3770K. Here we used the stock side panel with the sound damping padding. At idle, we averaged between 32-40c. Under load with prime95 we maxed out between 66-71c. For a 3770K, this wasn’t bad at all.

With the H630 sharing similar skeletons with the Phantom 630, we used its side panel with a 200mm fan installed. This dropped temps about 3-4 degrees across all cores. This also helped to keep our graphics card temps down.

One other thing we liked about the H630 is its flat surfaces on the exterior panels. This is a PC modders dream and we can see them using this as a great platform for superior cooling with a few cut outs and mesh panels added.

Overall, we didn’t find any big negatives with the H630, only a few nitpick items. Some of these can be rather subjective or relative to your particular setup, so we didn’t let them take too much away from the H630. NZXT has a real winner here. They did a great job on the H630’s features and design, and at at a price point of $149.99 on Newegg.com, it is a¬†tremendous¬†value. The NZXT H630 is also available in white for the same price for those who don’t like the matte black aesthetics.

With that said, we give the NZXT H630 Shhh… Chassis our Pure Overclock Editors Choice Award.

Pure Overclock Editors Choice – NZXT H630



    Daniel T

    Simple and effective. Good job, great review. Does this case come in white colour too?

    Sam Nicko

    wow Great review Kenny, i love what you did with NZXT H630, good job! NZXT H630 is a nice case and after you mod it the result is outstanding! The front side and back side with your skills, i just love it. Thank you for your review, now i know what NZXT H630 can do, and i’m fall in love at once with your mods. Thank you.


    HI Kenny would this case work better with all 4 200mm fans and 140mm water cooler on the back and moving the 140mm back fan too bottom giving me 2\140mm on the bottom this will be my frist build going with z270 msi bord i7-7700k ddr4 3200 ram 2×16 msi gtx 1080ti will oc everything, ssd NVME 2280 . i love the case moreover if the case wont work for my cooling need can u help pick me case dont want flashy with LEDS

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