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NZXT Gamma

Posted April 6, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The aesthetics of the NZXT Gamma are the first thing to catch your eye; the exterior styling is very unique and while it may not suit the most discerning tastes, it’s not offensive and we did think the look grew on us.  It does have a very functional appeal though, and considering its price tag, we can’t complain. The interior black finish is also a nice touch, and while the Gamma may not have all of the high-end features of NZXT’s Crafted Series chassis, it does carry a very affordable price tag instead.

The thermal characteristics for the Gamma is more than sufficient for moderate overclocking, especially when the five additional 120/140mm fans are installed.  The hole behind the CPU enables the installing of high performance CPU coolers without removing the motherboard.  There is also the option of have a rear-mounted external radiator setup or an top-mounted internal rad for water cooling possibilities.

The average price for the NZXT Gamma is $50 USD, though we did see it for $10 on sale. Considering what you get in terms of functionality and features, that is an excellent value no matter how you slice it.

The NZXT Gamma chassis is primarily targeted to consumers on a budget that don’t want to compromise basic aesthetics, functionality, and quality.  The single rear fan isn’t sufficient to tame many modern graphics cards, but we do understand this is a byproduct of keeping the price very affordable. Even in a pinch, a couple of cheap fans will do the trick nicely and improve the airflow.  The top dual optional fan mounts can even act as a passive vent for rising heat from the graphics card and CPU internals.

NZXT has accomplished a fine balance here between aesthetics, functionality, quality, and price with the Gamma.  For gamers on a budget, we think this case offers excellent value and is a great option.


NZXT Gamma

Our thanks go to NZXT for providing the Gamma for this review.


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