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NZXT FZ-200mm High Performance Fans

Posted June 28, 2013 by Vinny Petronio in Cases & PSU







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Release Date: Now
Price at time of Review: FZ-200 None LED version MSRP $17.99 FZ-200 LED Version MSRP $ 20.99


Price,15% higher airflow, Long sleeved cables, LED on/off switch, 103CFM, 20dBa,True 200 mm, Available with or without LED, five LED color choices


With an MSRP of just $20.99 for the LED version, or $17.99 for the non-LED version, the NZXT FZ-200mm fans are simply an excellent investment.
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by Vinny Petronio
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Closer Look:

Let’s have a closer look at the features of our NZXT FZ-200 fans, starting with the FZ-200 U1 LED Air Flow model. What we have is a nice symmetrical design, true 200mm in size. The frame is thick and very well made. The four mounting holes on both sides are support for the screws for mounting it, or to mount the stock NZXT Fan filters that can be purchased separately.

The eleven blades are contoured differently than the stock fans which is part of the reason for the 15% increase in air flow. The other part would be the jump from 193mm to 200mm in size. Both the LED and Power cables are nicely protected while sleeved in rubber. The are long enough to reach difficult areas in some of the most demanding cases. The white sticker on the frame has both the model and serial numbers printed on it, which in this case, ends with U1 indicating the blue LED model.


The FZ-200 LED U1 installation kit comes with four mounting screws and two cables, one of which is the LED on/off switch that will allow you to control up to two fans. The other is a four-pin Molex cable, for a direct connection to your power supply.


Flipping the NZXT FZ-200U1 over, you can see the four channels that contain the wires for all four of the LED’s and 3 pin fan connection. If you look at the bottom right mounting area, one of the four blue LED’s is visible.

Here is a closeup of the two cables from left to right, including the LED power connector and 3-pin fan connection.


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    I bought the fz200mm fan with the red LED that has the on/off switch. I got the fan to work but for some reason I can’t understand how to install the on/off switch. This Is my first computer build and everything works except the LED light on the fan. Someone please help!!

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