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NZXT CRYO V60 And NZXT CRYO X60 Notebook Coolers

Posted December 5, 2012 by Vinny Petronio in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: NZXT V60 MSRP $34.99 NZXT X60 MSRP $54.99


Build Quality, Design, Performance, Price, versatility, Ease of use, Lots of extra options,


No built in cable storage on the back side
The NZXT V60 has new bold Vortex design, and the NZXT X60 has high end cooling features and design. Both include looks and performance, along with features you don’t normally find on a coolers at this price range. NZXT has two winners on their hands.
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by Vinny Petronio
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Specifications / Features CRYO V60

Features V60

  •  Unique vortex design with bladeless fan operation that produces a constant stream of cool air
  •  Supports notebooks up to 16”
  •  An ultra slim lightweight profile for ease of mobility, perfect for traveling
  •  Integrated fan controller to adjust your fan speeds to low or high settings
  •  Dual low RPM 75mm fans
  •  USB charge dock that provides power to two mobile devices
  •  Innovative Blade-less Cooler

Boasting an ambitious and bold vortex design, the Cryo V60’s unique blade-less fan operation produces an uninterrupted stream of cool air powered by dual low-powered 75 mm fans. Cryo V60 packs tremendous cooling performance for notebooks up to 16-inches. It does this with a lightweight, slim design that is ideal for travel and on-the-go use. Additional features include an integrated fan controller to adjust fan speeds and a USB charging hub to power two mobile devices.


Specifications /Features CRYO X60

Features X60

  •  Unique asymmetrical design with large vertical mesh cutouts for improved airflow
  •  Support for all types of notebooks up to 16” display
  •  Equipped with two 12cm fans, 18mm thin for an ultra slim profile
  •  Integrated 5 speed fan controller to adjust your fans to low or high settings
  •  4x USB 2.0 for transfer and quick access to multimedia
  •  Adjustable leg height for your comfort
  •  Option to power by USB connector or AC adapter

Premium Asymmetrical Notebook Cooler
Are you in the market for a premium notebook cooler, one that can keep your gaming notebook chilled during your intense matches? NZXT has just what you need with our latest aluminum design, Cryo X60 notebook cooler. The Cryo X60 can support notebooks up to 16” with multiple ports including 4x USB 2.0, integrated 5 speed fan controller, option to either power by USB connector or AC adapter, and equipped with 2x 12cm fans for superior cooling. Count on the Cryo X60 to keep your laptop cooler and running longer.

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    Cathy C

    Nice review. Thought the NZXT CRYO V60 had a much nicer look and followed the whole less is more appraoch to design.

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