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by Jake
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Have you ever been using a Notebook computer and felt like it was going to spontaneously ignite from the heat buildup, especially if it’s sitting on your lap? Think about it for a second; if you can feel all that heat on your legs, just image how hot it is inside that small enclosure even with the internal fans working overtime. CPUs even the smaller ones found in Notebooks still produce heat, lots of heat and once the system is overheated you may experience spontaneous reboots, programs hanging and those dreaded BSOD. Most manufacturers of Notebooks have the exhaust fans on the bottom of the enclosure which makes them less effective. If you don’t find a way to help cool your notebook and the heat continues to take its toll on the processor it will eventually cook itself to death.

Now to even further the challenge of cooling Notebooks some manufacturers are producing “Gaming notebooks” with faster running processors and higher end graphic cards that will really heat up quickly and we all know that heat can bring any system to its knees and shorten the life of the system. It appears NZXT is addressing these hot and sweaty notebooks with their new cooler, the NZXT Cryo LX.

Let’s examine the new Cryo LX Cooler and see how it measures up.

NZXT was established in 2004 with the objective of designing unique products catered for hardware enthusiasts and gamers. NZXT has won numerous awards from media and publications from across the globe with a product line spanning from gaming chassis, power, and gaming input devices. Formed by gamers, NZXT continues to expand into new horizons and push the envelope further with each product unveiling.



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