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NZXT Bunker

Posted January 20, 2011 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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From NZXT:“Introducing the Bunker, NZXT?s 4 USB Lock system, the first PC accessory contrived for USB expansion and protection of gaming accessories. Plug in gaming mice, keyboards, and headphones and lock it with a sophisticated 20 key lock system and durable locking door to prevent theft at LAN parties and schools. Secure your gaming accessories, game on assured.”

Below are the features for the NZXT Bunker:

  • 4 USB Expandability
  • Durable locking door prevents stealing at public locations like LANs, Schools, etc.
  • Sophisticated 20 Key lock system to prevent users with the same device from unlocking your lock

The Bunker comes in a Military Themed box having a full list of its features on the back of the box. Our focus is on what’s on the inside of the box, not the box itself.

NZXT Bunker

NZXT Bunker

Inside the box we have the Bunker, user manual and your set of keys.

NZXT Bunker

Since the NZXT Bunker is a 5.25” device you will mount this in one of your available 5.25” optical drive bays and attached the device’s USB 2.0 cable to an internal USB port on your motherboard.

NZXT Bunker

Here you see with the lockable mesh cover in the open position that there are 4 USB 2.0 connections available to you. The internals to the Bunker are controlled via a spring loaded arm that moves the USB ports to the front when opened and then when you close the lockable cover the USB ports retract about an inch so you have space for your cables to clear and fold under the locking cover.

NZXT Bunker

NZXT Bunker

Here I have shown you what the Bunker will look like installed; with the locking cover in the open position you just insert your device and you are ready to play.

NZXT Bunker

After hours of some heavy warfare you are ready for a break. Now with the NZXT Bunker you have the ability to close the locking cover, lock it and take that much need “truce” time.
Look at the opening just below the locking cover which allows your cabling to remain connected securely.

NZXT Bunker

Well, there you have it.  The NZXT Bunker and as I said, A solution that is inexpensive, looks great, and it’s lockable to keep an “Honest Man” honest”.

Let’s wrap things up.

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