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by Jake
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When it comes to a gaming computer, the case is as important as the innards of the beast that lie inside. No one wants to drag a 60-pound hunk of steel around to LANs, but no one also wants to be the only guy with a bland, ugly, cheap looking case in a sea of multicolored LEDs, case windows and sexy hardware. When it comes to gaming cases, aesthetics are important. Having the best looking computer at a LAN can be a point of pride for some people, but there are so many other things to be taken into consideration when purchasing a case. How good is its airflow? Can I effectively route wires through the case? How easy is it to work with? We can’t forget, though, the most important question of a gaming case, a case we’d be dragging to LANs: does it look good?

Founded in 2004, NZXT is relatively new compared to some of the seasoned veterans in the chassis market. Despite this, they are able to churn out high quality and budget minded products with gamers in mind.  Today, we’ve got the NZXT Beta EVO for review. How does it compare to the competition? Does it dominate, or does it get dominated? Let’s find out!

Thanks go to our friends at NZXT for supplying the review sample.

NZXT was established in 2004 with the objective of designing unique products catered for hardware enthusiasts and gamers. NZXT has won numerous awards from media and publications from across the globe with a product line spanning from gaming chassis, power, and gaming input devices. Formed by gamers, NZXT continues to expand into new horizons and push the envelope further with each product unveiling.



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