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Nvidia GeForce GTX 770

Posted May 30, 2013 by Jake in Video Cards







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Strong gaming performance; Sleek cooler: Low temperatures and noise; Innovative features; Excellent price-to-performance ratio


Same physical size at GTX 780
Great combination of strong gaming performance and innovative features at an attractive price for gaming enthusiasts.
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by Jake
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The simple fact right up front here is that the GTX 770 continues what we saw last week with the launch fo the new lineup from Nvidia in the GTX 780. Improving upon its predecessors in nearly every regard, from performance and features, to temperatures versus power approach, this new card is impressive. On the surface it may not seem significantly different; after all, the GeForce GTX 770 looks identical to the 780, but it’s a big enough improvement over the previous-gen GTX 680 that we’re certain this card will essentially make the 680 and 670 cards end-of-life nearly overnight.

The GTX 700 series cards are probably best viewed as more of a refinement of Titan rather than direct successosr to the 680, for example, designed as something more accessible to the enthusiasts and gamers that aren’t well-heeled enough to afford Titan. That said, the performance here is certainly excellent, as the GTX 770 convincingly puts the smackdown on the Radeon 7970.

The power consumption continues to impress, as 230W TDP for this much horsepower is very good. Providing better framerates is one thing, but bringing more performance per Watt is even better. It appears that power consumption continues to be a hallmark of Kepler, and it would stand to reason this should translate across the upcoming models, including the mid-range, budget, and even mobile lineup for Nvidia.

GPU Boost 2.0 also continues its evolutionary journey, now smartly focusing more on temperatures than power envelope. All but the most diehard overclockers out there will appreciate this approach, as lower temperatures and noise levels are the key to most gaming rigs, not benching stations. And on that note, the GTX 770 overclocks very well, easily achieving a 17% increase on the reference design (we expect better results from board partners). However, it must be mentioned that you’ll experience diminishing returns because of the healthy “free” overclock already built into the card.

So then there’s the little matter of price. What does all this horsepower and innovation cost? $399. That is a killer deal for what you get, and it looks like the GTX 770 is set to make the 670 and 680 cards fade into the sunset very quickly. Nvidia doesn’t have a habit of dropping prices on previous-gen cards to cannibalize its lineup, so we expect sales of the previous-gen models to nosedive and these new 770’s to skyrocket. Frankly, there’s no reason to even consider purchasing a GTX 670 or 680 at this point.

This certainly puts AMD in a tough spot because there is nothing in their product lineup that can come close to the GTX 770. Nvidia now rules the roost for performance with the golden trifecta of the GTX Titan, 780, and 770. AMD may respond with price drops, but we think that may not be enough to compete against this new Kepler card, as the framerates and innovative features are just too good to pass up. Unless you’re an AMD fanboy, the GTX 770 is clearly the better option across the board.

Nvidia is continuing the impressive launch of the newest Kepler lineup, and the GeForce GTX 770 is another winner for gamers who want strong performance and innovative features.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 770



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