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Nvidia GeForce Experience 2.0 and Performance Update

Posted April 7, 2014 by Jake in Video Cards




Notebooks get the love; Innovative mobile streaming; Shadowplay gets a steroid injection for customizations


Driver performance is incremental and depends on game title
Great new features and innovative game streaming, though driver performance is modest.
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by Jake
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For those of you who live in northern climates in North America, it’s been a long winter, folks. Spring has sprung, and those of us who are avid skiers may be sad to see the winter leave, but many are bidding goodbye to hibernation season. It’s also the traditional time of year that we see new tech products being launched, and updates hitting the masses. And today is just such an occasion from Nvidia, with some new software launching today.

We recently had the opportunity to meet with Nvidia to hear some of the upcoming newly minted features of their popular GeForce Experience software, and Nvidia is promising even better features to reach a wider audience, and are now calling this their GFE 2.0, presumably the new and improved version.

Notebooks are getting the love this time around, receiving the full treatment like the enthusiast desktop brethren, and mobile gaming is looking to get a boost as well with Nvidia’s new Gamestream, allowing you to stream from your PC or notebook to your Nvidia Shield device. Sounds promising.

As an added bonus, we’ve got some new drivers from Nvidia as well, version 337.50, which promises performance increases. Not ones to blindly believe the claims, we get a GTX 780 on the bench and see what these drivers can do.

Let’s take a look at what Nvidia is launching today.



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