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Noctua NH-L12 CPU Cooler

Posted September 19, 2012 by Kenny in Cooling







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Price at time of Review: $79.99 at Newegg.com


Great cooling performance for Low Profile Cooler, PWM Fans, Easy Installation


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Noctua did a great job with cooling performance for a low profile cooler and the ease of installation on both Intel and AMD platforms are second to none. The attention to details of the cooler is what make this stand out from the rest.
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by Kenny
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Closer Look

Taking a closer look here at the cooler you can see Noctua paid close attention the details. You see four large copper heat pipes that are nickel plated along with the aluminium cooler fins. Also attached are the 120mm and 92mm fans included with the cooler.

Turning this cooler around you can see the Noctua logo nicely imprinted on the aluminium cooling fins. You can also see the unique design of the heatsink featured.

 Here is just a quick top view of the 120mm fan installed on the cooler, which looks good!

Turning to the underside of this cooler, we see the four large copper heat pipes are soldered together here at the base and the 92mm fan is mounted pushing the cool air down.

Just take another look at the casing here. As you can see, the Noctua did not go with the typical mirror finish here but rather a more matted look. The nickel plating here is high in quality and the base is smooth allowing for a flat and even surface.

Next we wanted to show you what the cooler looks like without the fans installed and we were not surprised with the excellent craftsmanship of the cooler. Noctua did a great job here with the design, which adds to its uniqueness. Without the fans installed this cooler only sits 66mm tall and is exceptionally small, even for this form factor.

Flipping the cooler over once again we take a look at the four large copper heat pipes that are nickel plated. For being a small low profile cooler these heat pipes are rather large. This really helps in keeping our chip nice and cool. How cool? We will talk more about this during out testing.

Here’s another quick look at the base and heat pipes here.


Now that you have taken a close look at the cooler, let’s move onto the installation of the cooler. To go over the installation we decided to do both an Intel and AMD install, this way we will cover both platforms, to help you determine if you might encounter any issues.

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