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Noctua NH-C12P 1366

Posted June 11, 2009 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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As we’ve seen with Noctua’s NH-C12P, it continues their tradition of premium coolers that showcase conservative aesthetics and solid cooling performance in a silent setup. We do believe that performance is where products are made or broken, and the C12P certainly succeeds in that regard. However, we’re also mindful that a great number of consumers are concerned about excessive noise that often comes at the expense of great performance, and thankfully the C12P illicits no such concerns.

While the C12P doesn’t perform quite as well as the U12P or the top HDT towers, it must be noted that this heatsink also has a considerably slimmer profile, sacrifcing a bit of cooling prowess for a more compact form that would be beneficial to people who have a smaller tower, and particularly those looking for a silent build. Using the terms "silent cooling" and "overclocked Core i7" are not usually done in the same sentence, but the Noctua NH-C12P proves to be the exception. How about having a small LAN case with an overclocked i7 and a C12P? Clearly you’ll have one of the most portable, high performing, and quiet setup possible, likely to gloat as it spanks the performance off your friends’ noisy LED setups.

The installation of the NH-C12P is better than most other coolers we’ve reviewed when the backplate mounting method is used, so it’s a boon to enthusiasts looking for quality and straightforward installation. The NH-C12P has a bit more limited availability than some other coolers, but can be found at several popular online retailers for approximately $68 USD, putting it in the upper price range for performance coolers. That price may seem a bit high, but you do get a top quality fan that normally would runs about $20 when sold separately.
The only drawback here is that Noctua’s other silent prodigy, the U12P SE1366, comes with a second fan and can be found for only a few bucks more. The Noctua NH-C12P does give up a few degrees of performance to the top tower-style coolers, but you needn’t worry since it is more than capable of taming an overclocked Core i7 beast.

If you’re in the market for slim profile cooler that offers silence for your new hotrod build, then the Noctua NH-C12P is definitely a recommended buy.


Noctua NH-C12P 1366

Our thanks go to Noctua for providing the NH-C12P for this review.



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