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Noctua Chromax Show Off – Fans, Extensions, Heat Sink Covers & More

Posted February 21, 2018 by Brendan van Varik in Cooling




Solid Build Quality, Excellent Noise/Airflow Ratio, Great Professional Aesthetic,


Pricing is a bit high for certain components
Noctua always has unprecedented quality and performance, and their design has adapted to reach a wider range of builders. If you're willing to pay for it, the fans will make an excellent addition to your system.
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by Brendan van Varik
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Should You Buy into Chromax?

The above question is a tough one to answer. We are getting into customizing our rigs more so than ever before, and I do honestly believe that Noctua has something very unique on their hands which provides their customers with more flexibility. However, it isn’t all a positive spiel, there are a couple of negatives too, which I am sure you can guess without me even saying a word…

The biggest drawback on the Chromax range is of course its price. Whilst the custom sleeved (to a degree, anyway) NA-SEC1 and NA-SYC1 cables are a solid value for money proposal, the heat sink covers can cost nearly as much as the entire heat sink itself. The fans on the other hand don’t really fall into either category of too expensive or too cheap as they are within the realms of Noctua’s normal pricing strategy. If however, you decide that you absolutely must change your heat sink and get rid of that nickel color, the Chromax offerings from Noctua are a great choice. They’re simplistic to install and can be done in minutes.

The Chromax fans perform sublimely with vast amounts of airflow whilst remaining at that whisper-quiet noise level that is synonymous with the rest of Noctua’s fans. As I mentioned earlier in the review, the included anti-vibration pads that come in the various colors are easy to install, through the drawback for some is that you will only be able to cover one side of the fan unless you purchase optional extras to do the entire eight (total) corners. I do feel that they should have thrown the extra bits into the box because after all, they probably are not costing the company a bomb to produce. It is what it is though, and it gives us something to complain about. With me being (mostly) from England, I like complaining! I always like to finish off with a positive point, and that is exactly what I am going to do. The ability to use any extension PWM cable with the fans is a big, big plus.

To award Noctua for their efforts in trying to differentiate themselves within the contested heat sink market, I feel that I would be doing them a disservice if I were to give them anything else other than a PureOC Great Hardware award, but I must air my concern with the pricing being what it is. The Chromax range certainly won’t be for everyone, and the pricing is the driving factor behind this more so than the design of the product(s). If you are into customizing your rig and have some cash to blow, and these appeal to you… then I would recommend them to you without hesitation.

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One Comment

    Neil Mathieson

    Good review Brendan,

    I won a bunch of original Noctua (3-120mm and 6-140mm) fans three years ago. They are reliable, they move a lot of air, and they were free. What more could someone want?

    I really don’t care if they’re brown or not. There is beauty in functionality.

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