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Nexus RX-6300 Power Supply

Posted March 8, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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When we recently looked at the Nexus RK-1K 1000W power supply, we came away suitably impressed. It showcased a modular design in a colour-coded setup, sleek aesthetics, very good performance, and all housed in a quiet setup. That is an attractive combination, to be sure, and we have come to have high expectations of kilowatt power supplies, as they generally bring a high price tag, and quality and performance should come with that cost. However, a high budget is unfortunately not available, nor needed, by everyone looking for a quality power supply. Much more modest units exists in the marketplace, but there is certainly a desire not to compromise those characteristics and successes on products that come with a lower price tag.

To that end, the Nexus RX-6300 is a mid-range power supply in terms of power output, offering 630W to consumers that don’t require a monster kilowatt unit. The 630W doesn’t appear to compromise on aesthetics or functionality, as it looks very sleek and offers tha same modular, colour-coded connections that were present in its more powerful 1000W sibling. It would appear that good things may indeed come in smaller packages.

Looking to keep the noise down in your system is a notably goal for many enthusiasts, and Nexus is a company that is well known in the realm of silent computing. Typically fans are their claim to fame, but they’ moved into the CPU heatsink realm not long ago, and now into the power supply market as well. With the hope of continuing their goal of low noise solutions, the RX-6300 power supply comes with a good pedigree, so let’s see if it can live up.

Thanks go to Nexus and CoolTech (www.endpcnoise.com) for supplying the review sample.

Originally founded in 1996 as a local custom build computer store, they sell specialty, high quality, quiet computer systems worldwide. They focus on handcrafted specialty computers, making the inside of their computers look as neat, and sleek as the outside. The company philosophy is to have an extreme, obsessive focus on the quality of their systems, with careful and meticulous attention to all details of the assembly, and design of each individual system.



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