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Nexus RX-1100W

Posted September 14, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The specifications are as follows:

  • 1100 Watt true power PSU
  • 88% efficiency; complies with 80PLUS GOLD specifications
  • Inaudible performance
  • Modular cables sleeved with X-mesh
  • Active PFC
  • Real Silent 13.5cm fan
  • Excellent airflow, honey-comb grill
  • Full range automatic; no voltage selection has to be set
  • Multiple safety features such as: overvoltage and short-circuit protection
  • Ball bearing fan
  • Complies to WEEE & RoHS
  • Version ATX 2.2
  • Size:150 x 86 x 158mm (5.9 x 3.4 x 6.2in)

The RX-1.1K 1100W is packaged in a somewhat large-sized black and yellow box, mimicking the Nexus corporate color scheme, and looking quite handsome. There is a complete listing of the features and specifications on the outside of box.  Inside we find the RX-1.1K GOLD 1100W itself, and everything is packaged very well and snug, with no worries about damage.  Included are a manual, mounting screws, and the modular cables for the unit, and the power cord.  Nexus has also provided a nice pouch to hold the cables that you might not be using at the time.

The RX-1.1K 1100W unit is coated in a matte charcoal color, with a very slightly textured finish, which means that it isn’t terribly prone to fingerprint marks. The overall aesthetic looks rather conservative, nothing flashy, and this power supply should look fine in just about any case setup. The RX-1.1K 1100W is not an extended length that we sometimes see with kilowatt units, so there are no concerns about space issues inside your case (unless you’re going with a smallform case for some reason with an 1100W power supply?).

The front of the unit is where the action is, as we see the modular cable interface. The cable connectors are the fairly standard "click-in" type and connect directly into the unit flush to the housing. The connectors are color-coded and labeled to distinguish between the types of connectors. The RX-1.1K 1100WW isn’t fully modular, as the 24-pin, 8-pin, 4+4-pin, and 2 x 6+2-pin PCI-E cables are connected to the unit, although this really isn’t an issue since every system needs these cables anyways, and they won’t really add to the mess of unnecessary cable clutter. Theoretically you could plug in a SATA cable and that’s all you might need. There is a full complement of cables needed for the latest high-end graphics cards. All the cables are fully sleeved here in a black color.

The cable lengths for the Nexus RX-1.1K are adequately long. It’s been our experience that 19" is the absolute minimum for a kilowatt unit since they’re often used in full tower cases and can be extremely difficult to reach the hardware if care is taken to route the cables out of sight. You shouldn’t have any significant issues in routing some cables behind the motherboard tray if you have a tall tower with a bottom-mounted power supply setup.

Looking at the specifications we see that the RX-1.1K 1100W has a single+12V rail at 996W and 83A available. That is just slightly on the lower end for some kilowatt power supplies we’ve seen but it is certainly sufficient, providing more than enough juice for hungry systems, including overclocked Quad Core CPUs and dual graphics card setups in Crossfire or SLI.

Let’s take a look on the inside.

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