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Nexus Edge

Posted June 30, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The look of the NEXUS Edge is impressive with its black hairline brushed aluminum exterior, and the nicely contoured shape will ensure the Edge will fit well into any office or home decor. The look is simple and understated, yet tastefully modern. Physically speaking, the Edge is a tall case, however, so don’t expect it to sit on your desk unless you have a good deal of space available.

The interior is cavernous with plenty of room to spare when installing components.  The motherboard tray isn’t removable, but it hardly matters.  There are plenty of open spaces to route cables out of the way. The only real drawback on this issue is the height of the Edge can easily make the bottom-mounted power supply short in terms of distance for the primary ATX power cables going to the motherboard. So you may need a cable extension to go the distance and keep things routed out of the way.

The thermal characteristics for the Edge are more than sufficient for moderate overclocking especially if the optional fans are installed. And, don’t forget about the liquid cooling opportunities with this chassis. NEXUS did not forget about their “Gamer” friends; there is a great of features for them to like here too; most noticeably, the ability to run the longest video cards available on the market today. I doubt you’ll want to carry the Edge around much, particularly to a LAN party back and forth since it’s so tall and spacious, but if you need lots of room then this is it. Professionals will also appreciate the fine aesthetics, and if you have large storage capacity needs, then the Edge could easily function as a server case as well.

In terms of pricing, the Nexus Edge comes with a tag of approximately $230 USD, putting it more into the premium full-tower market range. It is a bit less expensive than some competing full towers. It’s a no-nonsense tower that doesn’t have a great number of bells and whistles, but it’s a solid case with huge amount of drive space, and what it does strive for, it manages to accomplish very well.

Overall we would say the NEXUS Edge chassis is aimed towards computer enthusiasts and professionals looking for a case with subtle good looks, smooth lines, and room for expansion. The features are successfully implemented and the build quality is great. There aren’t many full towers on the market at this price that will give you the cooling opportunities and low noise design; the Edge is very unique in that respect.  The market niche it’s going for is a bit limited, but if you need something sleek, spacious, well-built, well cooled, and quiet, then the Nexus Edge should be on your purchase shortlist.

Nexus Edge



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