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MX-Technology Secure Encryption USB 3.0 128GB Review

Posted November 21, 2014 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs


Price at time of Review: $45


Small size; Outstanding public space speeds; Fairly quick private/encrypted speeds; Well priced; Huge storage capacity


Not the fastest on the market but still very quick transfer speeds
Affordable encryption security to satisfy consumers who are concerned about protecting their data and privacy, yet still want large capacity and speed.
by Jake
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Before we begin, it’s critical to quickly mention the testing methodology. For testing, we performed two distinct setups for three different benchmark programs. The first setup was testing done on the public (non-encrypted) space on the drive, and fully empty; optimal conditions. The second setup was done on the private (encrypted) space with about 1,500 photos and a dozen videos already stored on the drive, thus simulating typical transfer conditions in a less-than-optimal scenario.

For each test, we’ll show the open vs encrypted results below. Let’s check them out.


First up we have ATTO Disk Benchmark to measure transfer rates across specified lengths.

The speeds on the unencrypted space are extremely fast, topping above 200MB/s Read and just over 100MB/s Write. That is very impressive.

Next let’s see what happens when we encrypt things and fill up a 5GB partition:

Here we see the results are quite a bit different, just under half the Read speeds, while the Write speeds don’t drop nearly as much. That’s still pretty fastt though when you consider the encryption aspect.

Crystal Disk Mark

Next, let’s see what happens in Crystal Disk Mark. First, the optimal situation:

Again we see blistering speeds for the public space. And now the secure encrypted results:

Similar results here with what we saw in ATTO. Unsurprisingly, not as fast here on the encrypted space, but still rather quick when viewed in context.


Lastly, let’s check out Anvil for some advanced results next. First, the public space:

More of the same here, with very fast speeds for the unencrypted setup. And the encrypted space:

Slightly different results, but fairly consistent with the other tests and what we saw for the encrypted setup.

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