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MSI X48 Platinum

Posted August 30, 2008 by admin in CPU & Motherboards







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What makes a good motherboard? This question may seem simple but when you really look into it the answer is more elusive than one would think. A CPU will give you more processing power, a graphics card will better render video, and RAM will give you more workspace. But what about the motherboard? What does this give you?

In my opinion the answer is not how many SATA ports it has, not the max FSB or what BIOS features it has. To be sure, these are all important features in a motherboard, but they are just parts of the overall package. What a good motherboard really gives you is potential–potential to take that pile of parts you ordered and make it into something great. A motherboard is truly one of those things that must be greater than the sum of its parts in order to be successful.?Something more than just a machine, but a unique object with a personality and characteristics a normal machine can not obtain. Sounds a bit geeky, huh? Well, we love this stuff and we hope that since you’re reading this, you will too.

Today we delve into the X48 Platinum kindly presented to us by MSI UK to find out what potential we can unlock from a simple pile of parts we happen to have on hand. We also get to take a sneak peak at the HSPC Tech Station Kit provided to us by Xoxide.

Our thanks go to our friends at MSI UK for supplying the review sample, and to Xoxide for supplying the HSPC Tech Station Kit.

MSIFounded in August 1986, MSI has built a business philosophy that stresses "Award-winning product quality and outstanding customer service." MSI specialises in the design and manufacture of mainboards, VGA cards, OSD and barebone systems. Entering a challenging industry environment, MSI are now ranked within Taiwan’s Top Three and the world’s Top Five mainboard manufacturers.

Xoxide.com was founded in early 2000 with a goal of providing the best computer case and computer cooling accessories available. We have been leading the cooling and modification industry, and vow to always provide the most cutting edge products.



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