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MSI R9 380 Gaming 4G Review

Posted June 26, 2015 by Jake in Video Cards


Price at time of Review: $240


Sleek styling; Low temperatures and noise; Good performance; Great gaming value


Evolutionary not revolutionary
Strong combination of aesthetics and function for mid-range gaming performance.
by Jake
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Package and Accessories

Starting with the package and accessories, this MSI R9 380 Gaming 4G follows the recent product designs of MSI; it’s black and red, with the dragon theme we’ve seen before. Also important is the Twin Frozr moniker, and this time there’s an update, bringing us to the Twin Frozr V model of today.

The rear of the box continues a bit more quick-glance information about the main “Next Gen Gaming” features. We continue to see the MSI-specific features for the R9 380 Gaming, such as the Military Class components, Super Ferrite chokes, Hi-C caps, Zero Frozr technology, and the MSI Gaming App. These components are designed to withstand greater heat and voltage, and improve durability. Obviously we can’t verify these claims in such a short timespan, but we do know that better components means longer lifespan, particularly in an overclocked situation. We’ve seen far too many cheap components cause problems on products to know this type of increased quality does make a difference over the long haul.

Inside the box, MSI has included a reasonable accessory package for this price range, including a Quick User’s Guide, driver disk, DVI output converter, and some product literature.

Let’s take a closer look now at the card itself.

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    Dan L.

    I’m sorry but this review is sorely lacking any comparison to the GTX 960. Isn’t that the competition from Nvidia at the moment? Without the context of its direct competitor, the 4GB version of the 960, I don’t see the point of this review.


      Unfortunately we didn’t receive this card until after the launch deadline, and didn’t have a GTX 960 on hand to test for comparison purposes with the little remaining time.

      Our next R9 380 review, however, will include the GTX 960 for comparison.


        That’s a poor excuse for a site conducting professional reviews. If you want viewership to grow you’ll need to step up your game.


          Unfortunately we don’t get to dictate when companies send samples, establish launch deadlines, and other such things outside our control. It’s not an excuse, just a simple fact that remains unchangeable no matter what anyone (us included) thinks; we put out the best review we can under what is sometimes very less-than-ideal circumstances. Most of our reviews are far more thorough, but launch reviews are very streamlined, particularly when our samples arrive after launch day.

          If you look at some of the “big” review sites out there, some had one-page reviews, and in one instance of a well known site, they published performance charts with no comparisons to any other cards at all. So when we can do a better job than many of the big sites, I think it speaks well to the quality of our reviews.

          But thanks for your comments, we’ll take it under advisement.

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