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MSI GTX 780 OC Twin Frozr Gaming

Posted August 2, 2013 by Jake in Video Cards







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Price at time of Review: $670


Sexy styling; outstanding performance; Strong factory overclock; Excellent manual overclocking; Top build quality; Fantastic temperatures and low noise


Excellent combination of styling, construction, and performance for enthusiasts who want one of the best cards out there.
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by Jake
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The simple fact right up front here is that the GeForce GTX 780 improves upon its predecessors in nearly every regard, from performance and features, to temperatures versus power appoach. On the surface it may not seem significantly different from Titan; after all, it is more evolutionary than revolutionary, so it’s not surprising to see this direction by Nvidia.

The MSI GTX 780 Gaming is a richly-featured card, with a cooler that’s really second to none, achieving impressively low temperatures (when manually tweaked) that somehow manage to keep noise levels low as well. And while the factory overclock is just a bit modest, there’s plenty left in the tank for more, as the manual overclock we applied by simply moving the sliders is nothing short of awesome.

That leads us to the performance. Titan is faster, true, but it’s also $1000, which is absurdly overpriced for what you get. The MSI GTX 780 Gaming is expensive, let’s get that right out of the way, at $670, but it’s actually a far better value than Titan. There’s nothing in AMD’s lineup that can come close to touching this GTX 780 Gaming card; it simply destroys the competition. If you have the budget for such a card, and the need for one, then you’re getting something very special that will deliver a fantastic gaming experience.

MSI’s “Gaming” themed lineup is shaping up to be an excellent proposition for enthusiasts, from GPUs to motherboards. You’ll pay a bit of a premium, but the products are well priced against competing manufacturers’ top gaming lineups. And the aesthetics are really appealing, as we saw with the GTX 780 installed on the Z87-GD65 Gaming motherboard. If you want to show off your gear, you’ve come to the right place with this one.

If you want a top graphics card and have the budget to support the best, you can’t be faulted for choosing the MSI GTX 780 Twin Frozr Gaming graphics card. It’s a stunning example of what can be done when styling, construction, and performance come together to provide an excellent product for enthusiasts.

MSI GTX 780 Twin Frozr Gaming




    Hello how did you become the Card to 1265mhz?
    Have you flash a new Bios?


    Jake could you share your overlock settings so I can use them as a starting point for myself? Did you just use msi afterburner or is there other programs to achieve this?.


      I essentially max’d out the voltage in MSI Afterburner, and manually increased the fan as much as possible. PowerTune will limit the potential OC because of the need to balance temps against the clocks/power, so there is a bit of luck there. So the settings could be different for each card. Just max out the voltages and then start increasing your clocks until you’re no longer stable for stress testing. Back down the clocks just a bit and you “should” be stable.


        Okay cheers jake, also my max afterburner voltage is +62, is this correct or bugged? MSI Kombustor crashes if I attempt a decent overclock like yours :/ perhaps my card isn’t as good.


          It could be your card isn’t as powerful/good at overclocking. However, every card does take some time to find various combinations that might/not work. Try a few different combinations and see if you get lucky. There is certainly some trial and error! 🙂


    hello, I have the same graph, which voltage you put with that configuration? and that program you use to measure the stability?

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