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MSI GTX 770 NV770 TF Gaming

Posted May 30, 2013 by Jake in Video Cards







Total Score


Price at time of Review: $410


Strong gaming performance; Beautiful styling; Very low temperatures and noise levels; Small price premium over reference card; Excellent price-to-performance ratio


Cooling prowess not utilized to full potential
Sleek and powerful card with low temperatures and noise levels for discerning gamers.
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by Jake
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It hasn’t been long since Nvidia’s last launch; in fact, it’s only been a week. Just 7 days ago saw the release of the GeForce GTX 780, a graphics card which managed to impress us with it convincing combination of gaming horsepower, innovative features, and strong overclocking. Kepler 2.0, as it turns out, looks to be a big winner.

And today marks the launch of the next in Nvidia’s gaming stable: the GeForce GTX 770. Not unexpected in its naming convention, but entirely unexpected by many in its swift follow-up to the flagship GTX 780. Looking to hit a very attractive gaming market at the upper end, though with a price tag of only $399, the GTX 770 looks nearly identical to its more powerful sibling, while maintaining the hallmark features at a lower price point. Truth be told, the price puts it squarely in the sights of the Radeon 7970, and we have a sneaking suspicion that Nvidia is looking to put the smackdown on the competition with this new card.

Nvidia is continuing the new GeForce Experience features we saw last week such as ShadowPlay, Adaptive Temperature Control, and an updated GPU Boost 2.0. We also saw that Kepler 2.0 is more like the GTX Titan in its lineage than the previous 600 series cards. And in that sense, the 700 series lineup appears to be more of an evolution and refinement of what made the predecessors impressive.

The MSI GTX 770 Gaming (or more properly termed, the “MSI N770 TF 2GD5/OC”, for reference) is the latest in the company’s Gaming Series, a GPU in a broader range of gaming-oriented products. This particular model comes with a very sleek Twin Frozr cooler and a healthy overclock. And based on the new styling, we have no doubt it would look really sharp in the new MSI Z87 motherboard we’ve got in the lab. Stay tuned for our upcoming review, and check out the forums for teaser pics!

Regardless of what you call this card, it looks amazing. Let’s take a closer look at the MSI GTX 770 Gaming and find out what lies beyond the framerates.



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