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MSI GTX 760 Gaming MINI-ITX Review

Posted May 6, 2014 by Sandy Bruce in Video Cards


Release Date: Now
Specifications: See review
Price at time of Review: $249.00


Very Capable, Quiet, 4k compatible, Matches Gaming AC and other boards well. Quality


Price comparison. Potential issues with heat
More then anything else this GPU offers you options. After looking at everything the MSI GTX 760 Gaming Mini-ITX has to offer in this seldom noticed segment I come away with ideas... ideas on how I could best take advantage of what this small but powerful package has to offer.
by Sandy Bruce
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We recently had the opportunity to have some hands on time with the feature packed MSI Z87i Gaming AC board. It had a small size but a large feature set and gaming potential. Today we wanted to look at the partner tech for the Z87i Gaming AC. That is the GTX 760 OC Gaming ITX GPU. We have seen the GTX 760 from various manufacturers with different cooling solutions but MSI claims to have made one which will fit perfectly inside a cramped HTPC or LAN PC case. This will leave the MSI GTX 760 Gaming Mini-ITX in a tight space to battle temps and fan noise, all while keeping FPS up. That is a tall order for any GPU, so lets not waste anymore time, and jump right into the review.

Thanks go to MSI for providing this sample for review, and also for the use of the Bitfenix Colossus mini ITX and MSI Z87i Gaming AC mini ITX board reviews.

msi_logo2“Founded in August 1986, MSI has continued to uphold a business philosophy that stresses “Award-winning product quality and outstanding customer service.” MSI specializes in the design and manufacture of motherboards, graphics card, add-on cards, servers/workstations, iPC, barebones, communication devices, CE products, Notebooks, car infotainment products, and All-in-One PC. “Quality Products Create Faithful Customers” is a motto that guides all that we do at MSI. For this reason, MSI goes all out to be the best of the best in research and development.”

gtx 760 stock


Specs and Introduction.

We are not going to spend much time talking about the inner workers of the GTX 760. It has been out in the wild long enough that it has been covered quite a bit. The GTX 760 cores are based on the same 28nm GK104 technology we saw in the GTX 680 with a few of the sections disabled. When all is said and done, the GTX 760 ships with 1152 Cuda cores, 96 Texture units and 32 ROPS on a 256bit bus. As this is an OC version, the core clocks have been kicked up to 1033MHz (1098MHz boost) in OC mode. This is up from the Reference clock of 980MHz and the 2GB memory at 6008MHz. There are some other speed options the GTX 760 Mini-ITX Gaming can run, but we will cover those later in the review. Over-all the GTX 760 is a replacement for the GTX 670.


  • Graphics Engine NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
  • Bus Standard PCI Express x16 3.0
  • Memory Type GDDR5
  • Memory Size(MB) 2048
  • Memory Interface 256 bits
  • Core Clock Speed(MHz) 1085 (Boost Clock: 1150) (OC mode)
    1020 (Boost Clock: 1085) (Gaming mode)
    980 (Boost Clock: 1033) (Silent mode)
  • Memory Clock Speed(MHz) 6008
  • DVI Output 2 (Dual-link DVI-I x 1, Dual-link DVI-D x 1)
  • HDMI-Output 1 (version 1.4a)
  • DisplayPort 1 (version 1.2)
  • HDMI Support Y
  • Dual-link DVI Y
  • Display Output (Max Resolution) 2560×1600
  • DirectX Version Support 11.1 API (feature level 11_0)
  • OpenGL Version Support 4.3
  • SLI Support Y, 3-ways
  • Card Dimension(mm) 260x126x38 mm

You may have noticed that the factory OC speed is a bit lower than a standard GTX 760. The highest speed configuration for the Gaming Mini-ITX “OC” is what was the slowest “Silent” mode for standard GTX 760 OC 2GB from MSI. This is to be expected when you have basically cut the card size in half and plan for it to be installed in smaller spaces. Since we know the cores can handle higher speeds, the potential remains for a solid OC to match its bigger sibling.




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