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MSI GTX 750 Ti Twin Frozr Gaming Review

Posted February 18, 2014 by Jake in Video Cards


Price at time of Review: $160


Sleek cooler; Low power consumption; Aggressive factory overclock; Strong gaming performance; Low noise and temperatures; Good value price


Large card size compared to reference design; Nvidia power limiter prevents high overclocking
Great combination of sleek styling, enticing features, top quality, and great performance for those on a modest budget.
by Jake
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When Nvidia finished the Kepler product launches, there interestingly was a distinct lack of products in the lower-tier range, those more suited to budget performance. Kepler ends with the GTX 760, an impressive mid-range card, but there’s been a glaring hole below this rung on Nvidia’s performance ladder. What we see is the 600 series cards occupying that space in the market, but that’s about to change with today’s launch of Nvidia’s Maxwell products.

The GTX 750 Ti is set to take over the budget range for Team Green, and Maxwell promises better energy efficiency and lower power consumption, a hallmark of cards geared to those on a budget and looking for an upgrade that won’t require a new power supply. It’s also a boon to anyone considering an HTPC, or even better, a smallform box that can pull double duty as a media box and still handle moderate gaming without being reduced to a slideshow for framerates.

Today we’re specifically looking at the MSI GTX 750 Ti Twin Frozr Gaming, a budget-oriented card that comes with an aggressive factory overclock out of the box, and looking to trounce AMD’s R7 260X not only in performance, but also power efficiency. Factor in a $160 retail price, and we may have something very enticing here by MSI.

This card looks very promising on paper. And MSI looks to have put quite a bit of tech into the budget-oriented card, so let’s take a closer look and get it on the bench to see if real world tests can fulfill Nvidia’s aspirations.




    “12030MHz Boost overclock speed”. Such Clocks. Much Boost. Many MHZ.

    But in all seriousness, thanks for the review. My local microcenter has these in stock, and im seriously considering.


      OOPS, thanks for the eagle eyes on that typo!! Fixed.

      Also, we’ve just received confirmation on the pricing, it’s lower than we expected at $160. Updating the review now.


    Typo on page 5 “The GTX 750 Ti Twin Frozr Gaming requires two 8-pin connectors to provide adequate juice for the higher overclocking prowess of the card”.
    Then just below that you show it needs no extra power, I assume the above quote is from a 780 Ti review? 🙂

    Great review. I am considering buying one of these to replace a 5870 that is underpowered by a 430w PSU. The 750 Ti would match or beat it 99% of the time and no more restarts of my Pc under heavy load. I want this, and more Maxwell now!!!


      Dunno how that got in there, thanks for the heads up Chris! It’s been fixed.

      Ya, Maxwell is looking mighty impressive for those who are looking at a serious upgrade, such as yourself. Would run cooler, quieter, draw less power, while provide better performance. Gotta love that combo!


    I don’t understand how i have a default 1224MHz boost on the exact same card, and i overlocked it to a boost 1364MHz o_O

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