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MNPCTech Billet Radiator Grill

Posted June 9, 2011 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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We’re going to say it right up front: radiators are probably the least attractive component in PC water cooling. Just a black box containing a whack of aluminum fins. Not only that, but those paper-thin copper fins along the sides are very fragile and susceptible to damage if they are bumped by any hard objects. Doesn’t exactly inspire visions of sleek water cooling setups, does it? But the radiator is an extremely important component in the setup, as it is the place where the heat is dissipated. Functional and necessary, but not terribly sexy.

To address this problem of aesthetics comes the radiator grill. Made from a selection of materials such as metal, acrylic, mesh, or plastic, the radiator grill can come in various shapes, but the underlying purpose is the same: to dress up the radiator and give it some personality.

Water cooling enthusiasts and modders are no strangers to rad grills, having widely used them in personalizing their PC to enhance the style of their case setup. The trick is finding a grill that suits the needs or personality of the individual project. MNPCTech is one such place that specializes in modding supplies, accessories, and resources. Having been around for more than a decade, they not only are a modding supplier, they are modders themselves, and their work has been showcased at various tradeshows, publications, and sites across North America.

Today we’re looking at a simple but effective product that’s been designed exclusively by MNPCTech to provide a makeover to those lowly radiators out there: the RG360SLOT-SL, a 360mm aluminum grill for triple 120mm fan radiators.

Mnpctech has modified computers into unique custom designs for clientele around the world. In 2002, Mnpctech expanded into design and manufacture of their-own line of case modding accessories. In 2007, I was the first professional modder to be commissioned by computer processer giant, AMD. Later that year I recruited master painter Brad Galvin so Mnpctech could offer custom computer finishes rivalled by no other painter in the industry.”



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