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Mionix Saiph 3200 Mouse & Alioth 400 Mat

Posted September 4, 2009 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Building a better mouse trap is almost synonymous with finding a cure for the common cold: it’s probably impossible. So I think far more likely is the ability to build a better mouse. Computer mouse, that is. Funny thing, that little desk rodent, it’s got a sensor, a wheel, and some buttons for the most part. Sounds pretty straightforward, yet finding a company who can actually do something better with that basic palette is surprisingly difficult. I’ve seen quite a few mice in my day, from old school ball mice to laser mice, trackballs styles and those that move on their own. No joke. And yet I’ve not found one that can achieve the right combinations of form and function for those little buttons and wheel. You’d think it would be a simple thing. And you’d be wrong.

The mouse peripheral market is dominated by two or three large companies, industry stalwarts that have been around long enough to firmly entrench their position for office and gaming mice alike. Tackling these heavyweights for a new company is no small task. David and Goliath comes to mind, but we know who won that fight in the end. Well, Swedish company Mionix is a new kid on the gaming mouse block, having only been in existence a couple of years. But in a short time they’ve made quite a splash, and today we’re looking at their stylish flagship mouse, the Saiph 3200. And as an added bonus, we’ll also examine their premium gaming surface (aka mouse mat) the Alioth 400.

The Saiph 3200 looks extremely attractive, and Mionix appears to have hit all the right notes with this rodent, an extremely unusual feat for such a new company. Gotta love those Swedes, they sure know design. Well, today should prove very interesting, as I will admit I’m absolutely fanatical about mouse features and functionality. The Saiph (and Alioth) have an uphill climb ahead of them. Let’s find out if they’ll reach the summit or cave to the vast peripheral wasteland.

Thanks go to our friends at Mionix for supplying the review sample.

"Mionix was founded in 2007 and our head office is situated in south of Sweden. Our goal is to develop gaming gear with high performance and suitability for all type of players. Mionix stands for quality, design and a touch of innovation. Our crew are all specialists with a lot of experience of e-gaming which is a must to be able to bring forward top products to gamers. All Mionix products are named after visible stars in the sky and the combination of innovation & performance helps you to stay “light-years ahead of the game”!



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