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Mionix Naos 8200

Posted February 26, 2013 by Jake in Peripherals







Total Score


Price at time of Review: $90


Sublime ergonomics; satin rubberized finish; robust software; sleek lighting effects; excellent value


Stiffly braided cable
A complete package highlighted by outstanding ergonomics that may be the most comfortable you've ever experienced.
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by Jake
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When we last took a look at a gaming mouse from Swedish company Mionix, their Naos 3200 turned out to be an excellent value product that offered gamers a robust mouse in what was the most comfortable ergonomic design I’ve ever laid hands on. Tackling the industry heavyweights is no small task in the mouse market, especially for a company as relatively new as Mionix.

Then we heard rumblings of a newer version of the Naos, a flagship version set to promise gamers a more advanced laser engine. With other manufacturers pushing the envelope, the Naos 3200 seemed pale in comparison, at least in terms of high DPI sensitivity. The race for big DPI was on. In response, Mionix now has the Naos 8200, a refresh of a winning formula that captures the same outstanding ergonomics while jumping to the top of the heap with that coveted high sensitivity bragging rights.

This puts the Naos 8200 right in the midst of a highly competitive mouse market dominated by several very popular products, backed by industry stalwarts that have ruled the roost for quite some time. That may change, however, as the Naos 8200 looks to battle the competition with bold claims of better features and advanced ergonomics.

At a price of $90, the Naos 8200 is positioned as the new flagship mouse from Mionix, and sits in the upper echelons of gaming mice. It’s not cheap, but it looks captivating. Is it worth the premium? Can the Naos 8200 improve upon its predecessor without losing its original appeal? Let’s find out.




    I’ve been glansing at this mouse for a while now as Im in need of a new great mouse to replace my explorer 3.0 and an anderson mission sg. Been reading a few reviews and alla but one (who seem to not like ANY product out there) call it excellent/sublime. I’ll also combine this with the mionix Propus 380 pad.

    It’ll be a great upgrade from my old stuff 🙂


    This review is waaaaay off when it says that mionix frequently updates their drivers.
    Last driver update for the 8200 was december last year, I wouldn’t call that frequent updates.
    Same deal as with their older naos 5000, where it took them over a year to update fw and sw and then it was only beta.


      You’ve got a point Mark. Mionix was very good about updating earlier in development, but with the Naos 8200 being more of a refinement, I’m not sure constant updates are actually necessary though. What they’ve got right now with the 8200 is pretty awesome, so there may not be much of a need for quick updates.

      I suppose if driver update intervals are the only thing to pick on about the Naos 8200 and our review, then I guess both are in pretty good shape LOL.

      Thanks for the feedback.

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