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Mionix Keid 20

Posted February 18, 2010 by Jake in PC Audio







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by Jake
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Mionix has been on a roll lately with the expansion of their lineup of gaming peripherals, learning valuable lessons from their first product releases and incorporating smart revisions and improvements into subsequent designs that create top notch winners. The Naos 5000 gaming mouse is a perfect example of this.

Continuing their foray into the gaming peripheral market, Mionix has jumped into the audio arena with their first set of headphones, the Keid 20. These cans bare an uncanny (ahem) resemblance to a popular product already on the market, so it will be interesting to hear the difference here today. While Mionix may be a bit new to the game, they’ve proven to be very adept with design, function, and comfort in their products. As a result, we have some rather high hopes for the Keid 20.

But what about performance? Indeed, this is where headsets make their reputations, so let’s take a closer look and see just how well the Mionix Keid 20 performs.

Thanks to Mionix for supplying the review sample.

"Mionix was founded in 2007 and our head office is situated in south of Sweden. Our goal is to develop gaming gear with high performance and suitability for all type of players. Mionix stands for quality, design and a touch of innovation. Our crew are all specialists with a lot of experience of e-gaming which is a must to be able to bring forward top products to gamers. All Mionix products are named after visible stars in the sky and the combination of innovation & performance helps you to stay “light-years ahead of the game”!



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