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Mionix Avior 8200 Gaming Mouse

Posted November 15, 2013 by Jake in Peripherals







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Price at time of Review: $85


Ambidextrous sleek design, 8200 DPI laser engine; Colour customizations; Clean software interface; Comfortable


Expensive; Slightly small
Wonderfully sleek ambidextrous design for those who appreciate top quality, but you do pay a premium for it.
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by Jake
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It appears Mionix is looking to build upon its success of the superb Naos 8200 with the ambidextrous Avior 8200 mouse. Apparently there’s little reason to mess with a winning formula, as Mionix seems to have mastered the art of minimalist mouse design, relying on clean lines, smart ergonomics, and uncluttered features to appeal to consumers who want something a bit different than your average brash gaming mouse.

In terms of features, the Avior 8200 offers a sensitive 8200 DPI laser engine, which is more than plenty for even the most hardcore gamer out there. There’s also the onboard memory to store your profiles to take on the road if you need, complete plug-and-play functionality without driver installation, and an ARM processor. Factor in a straightforward software interface that’s refreshingly easy to use while robust enough to customize almost any setting, and Mionix has developed an interface that simply works, and works simply.

The basic ergonomics on the Avior 8200 are similar to the Naos in principle, but the uniqueness of the Naos is lost here on the Avior because of its very existence as an ambidextrous design. The Avior doesn’t “cup” your hand nearly as wonderfully as the Naos, but it can’t; it’s simply impossible because it needs to be symmetrical on each side. That said, the Avior is comfortable, though it’s slightly on the smallish size. It’s also a rather lightweight mouse, which is neither good nor bad, but simply a matter of personal preference. There are no weight adjustments here to tweak that, though that may not matter to many consumers.

With Mionix products now penetrating into the market more fully, it’s not difficult to get a hold of a Avior 8200, which can be found for about $90 retail, though we did find it for about $82 if you look around. That’s near the upper range of the gaming mice segment, and you are certainly paying more than several other ambidextrous models on the market, but it seems Mionix is not racing to the bottom; they’re targeting an audience who care about strong design and premium quality. You certainly do get your money’s worth here. A mouse should last for years, and when you consider the modest price premium, the added expense should be seen as a justified investment.

With impressive features, a clean and robust software interface, a quality finish, sleek lighting effects, and strong ambidextrous design, Mionix has done a fine job here on the Avior 8200.

Mionix Avior 8200



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