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Max Keyboard Nighthawk X8

Posted May 24, 2012 by Jake in Peripherals







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by Jake
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Max Keyboard is a company that is likely not well known by many computer enthusiasts, except for perhaps the diehards that love to discuss things such as activation pressure, key chatter, and tactile feedback. That may sound foreign to some, but the company is based out of California and the name is pretty much a giveaway of what they make and sell: keyboards. But not just any keyboards; they specialize in mechanical keyboards.

Mechanical boards have become all the rage of late, and it’s easy to see why. After you’ve used one, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without, shunning the garbage membrane board for the sexy individual switch designs. There’s something refreshingly satisfying about a keyboard that provides real feedback, rather than sitting there like a piece of wasted plastic. And if you’re a great touch typist, then a mechanical board is like the Autobahn for fingers.

A fully backlit mechanical keyboard that sports a fabulously minimalist design and caters to discerning consumers who want something unique, the Max Keyboard Nighthawk X8 is not your average mechanical board. Are you looking for plenty of standalone macro keys? Pffft, try fully integrated ones here. Is 6-Key Rollover not good enough for you, maybe you want 20KRO? Bah, that’s for chumps. Try FULL NKRO on the X8.

That certainly made us drool, so we had to test drive the Nighthawk X8 firsthand. While it may not look like anything particularly groundbreaking at first glance, there’s something special lurking here. Let’s delve a bit deeper and see if the X8 can stand out in a widening field of mechanical keyboards.


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    Best review of this product I’ve read thus far. Nice job.

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