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MadMouse Glaciator Thermoelectric Chiller

Posted August 23, 2010 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Using chilled water as a cooling method has many advantages over a conventional water cooling setup that can appeal to cooling enthusiasts, overclockers and gamers.  A chilled coolant can dramatically lower the processor operating temperature, allowing users to push higher speeds and performance.  Using a thermoelectric module (Peltier) to chill the water is not a new technology though, as thermoelectric cooling has been around for quite some time now in both industrial and laboratory settings, and very successfully.

In personal computers, TEC water chilling has typically been a miss and hit due to its power efficiency and the cooling capability.  Today’s modern multi-core processors with high TDP have brought many TEC chillers down to their knees, and not performing as most water cooling users expected.  Of course there’s phase-change chillers that have been successful, but they comes with very hefty price tags that can burn a hole in your wallet.

Today we will be looking at the MadMouse Glaciator, a thermoelectric water chiller designed to effectively cool your processor and avoid some of the trappings we’ve seen in other manufacturer designs.  MadMouse is a bit of a unique company; they specialize in sophisticated gaming gear of various products.  As we’ll see today, the Glaciator is a compact and lightweight chiller that can be integrated into any water cooling systems to chill PC or server components, able to chill the coolant to sub-ambient temperatures. Is the Glaciator is a hit or miss?  Let’s find out.

MadMouse is an innovative company and therefore always searching for new ideas and technologies to create a new high standard gaming gear product.  We cannot create this product without the feedback from gamers.  That is why we work together to create the ultimate MadMouse gaming experience for you.  Being honest towards our customers and working with their feedback is what inspires us to keep pushing the frontier in product design and technogies.”



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