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Mach Xtreme MX-ES 16GB USB 3.0

Posted October 29, 2012 by Jake in Storage, HDs & SSDs







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Price at time of Review: £26 (incl VAT)


Fast transfers, Write speeds exceed specifications, Lightweight, Sleek housing, USB 3.0, Long life SLC memory, 5 year warranty


Limited North American availability, 16GB a bit small for some people, Moderate price premium, No excryption software
Sleek and stylish, the MX-ES USB 3.0 flash drive is great for those who want portability and speed.
by Jake
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While these types of products may not be garner as much attention as the sexy graphics cards or super high speed triple-channel memory modules, the little flash drive is ubiquitous and an essential product for a great number of people out there. Moving files between work, home, and school, particularly for those who are digital packrats or don’t have the upload speeds to put everything to “the cloud”, and it means we generally want the biggest and fastest drive we can own, and the MX-ES does not disappoint in those regards.

In terms of performance, the MX-ES USB 3.0 isn’t the fastest model we’ve tested, but it’s still very quick. The Read results were impressive at 160MB/s, but even more impressive was the Write results which exceeded MX’s own specification claims by quite a margin. We wanted to make sure the results weren’t a fluke, so we did test several times, and sure enough, this little drive smoked the tests on each run. Of course, you need a USB 3.0-capable motherboard to take advantage of these speeds, but they’re nearly commonplace today, so we don’t really see that as an issue.

The MX-ES 16GB model packs a respectable amount of storage onto a device that’s the size of your car key. It’s lightweight, highly portable, and durable. It’s big enough to store a few movies on if you want to stream to your tablet, and plenty to store a huge collection of photos and music. It’s not quite big enough for robust data backup, nor does it come with any special software, encryption, or so forth, so it’s a rather barebones, albeit fast, USB 3.0 flash drive. Keep in mind, however, that the flash chips here are SLC, so expect a longer life, which goes well with the extended 5 year warranty.

Beyond the lack of specialized software, the only downside we could really note is lack of availability in North America. We did find the MX-ES 16GB in the UK at for £26 (incl VAT), which is a bit on the expensive side against some competitors. That said, this isn’t a dealbreaker by any stretch, as the MX-ES is a great USB 3.0 drive with speedy performance and a long life expectancy.


Mach Xtreme MX-ES 16GB USB 3.0



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