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Logitech Pro and Prodigy Series Peripheral Review

Posted October 10, 2016 by Jeffrey Edson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: You can buy the G213 keyboard for $69.99, The G403 wireless for $99, and the PRO mouse for $69.99 all on NewEgg.


These Logitech mice use excellent quality parts and have been the best I have used so far. The new pwm3366 sensor is really accurate and feels really smooth. With 16.8 million RGB colors you can create bright and interesting themes to match your entire setup. I really enjoy that the Logitech software allows for syncing your RGB colors across devices. This helps maintain easy color coordination. If I could change anything it would be adding a mechanical keyboard and mouse combo. The G213 being waterproof is a great feature that will protect your investment from accidental spills.


NO mechanical switches for keyboard and the Wireless G403 mouse is more expensive.
The Logitech Prodigy Series was designed to give great features for the price. The PRO series as well was designed to be the best Esports mouse you can get for as little as possible. This means quality parts for a fantastic price.
by Jeffrey Edson
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Where do all the cool mice live? In their mousepads of course! Gaming mice has become a crowded market. So what makes a gaming mouse? Even mice with higher DPI are slapped with the title of “Gaming” mouse. Features like RGB lighting, switch types and sensors are important when choosing a high-quality mouse. For keyboards, it’s a similar story. The market offers different mechanical switches and different lighting options. If you’re interested in keyboard switch types look here. Logitech is a company that primarily focuses on gaming with its “G” series products. The “G” series can be broken down further into their PRO and their Prodigy line. Today I will be looking at a few of Logitech’s mice and keyboards from the “G” series line and see what makes them different from other gaming peripherals.



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