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Lian Li PC-8FIR Spider

Posted October 12, 2010 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Lian Li PC-8FIR offers us the build quality that Lian Li is deservingly known for and with its “All Red” color scheme with the “Spider” designed side window and exhaust fan grill you will have a unique case which will most definitely standout in a crowd. The only gripe we have with the PC-8FI is that we would have to do some slight modification with the HDD Cage to fit the behemoth Video Cards that are available now.

The cost of the “Spider” is a little steep at an on-line price of 245.00 (USD) but then again you are getting what you pay for with any Lian Li product; this case will last you for a good time to come and must be considered an investment. The build quality and innovation that is packed into this case just speaks to you. You didn’t cut corners when buying those high-end computer components so why would you want to house them in a “Plain Jane” chassis.

The tool-free design is fantastic (especially the expansion slots which are probably the best we’ve ever seen) and will make installation a snap. Once again you can not only see the quality but you will also feel it and appreciate it, a smart purchase that you will be proud of for a long time to come.

Lian Li might be going out on a limb here with the “Spider” which will not appeal to everyone. But they have a backup plan, as this chassis is also available in both Black and Silver without the spider side-window panel for those of us that prefer a more conservative approach and looking to save a few bucks.

For something unique, the red looks amazing, and true to Lian Li tradition, the quality here is impeccable and attention to details is sublime; everything fits together like a beautiful puzzle. This case gets our enthusiastic recommendation.

Lian Li PC-8FIR Spider



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