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Lian Li PC-7FW

Posted November 5, 2008 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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Traditionally a dominant force in the full tower market segment, Lian Li?s offerings in the mid-tower area have been getting a little long in the tooth. Their update to this segment has been overdue and eagerly anticipated, and they have thankfully now returned with success with their PC-7F series.

With a modest departure from their traditional style aesthetic, Lian Li has proved they can strike a fine balance between sleek minimalism and contemporary flash in a mid-tower case.? But as with most things, form follows function, and this is where the 7FW really shines; it is packed with features normally found in a high-end enthusiast full-tower case.? The build quality and attention to details are outstanding, from the overall design layout to the smallest noise dampening vibration padding.? The drive bay design is simple and sublime, the overall fit and finish is superb, and the quality is impeccable.? The only blemish on an otherwise exceptional product is the lack of cable management accoutrements that are found in most other Lian Li cases.? This issue is by no means a failure, but more of a missed opportunity for those people who really care about how their case looks inside, as well as how it functions.

A pleasant surprise here was, quite frankly, the price.? The 7FW can be found at major online retailers for approximately $140 USD, a very good price considering the pedigree of Lian Li.? This case easily surpasses its mid-tower predecessors, offering outstanding quality, features, and functionality for an excellent price.? If you are a person who has always wanted to own a Lian Li case but found them to be out of your price range, then the PC-7F series may be opportunity knocking at your door.

The Lian Li 7FW is a winner in our books, and clearly distinguishes itself in top form.




Lian Li PC-7FW

Our thanks go to Lian Li for providing the PC-7FW for this review.



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