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Lian Li Armorsuit PC-P50

Posted November 20, 2009 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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With a beautiful aesthetic, and build quality to match, the PC-P50 is a hard hitter in all but the price areas. Priced at $170 USD, it’s a bit heavy on cost, so you are forced to ask yourself, will this case last me a long time, will something better be out in a month, is it worth it? With the level of quality and innovation Lian-Li packed into this case, it will definitely be a lasting purchase, no single part of this case feels as though it can break, and any newer designs could possibly be copied from this one or similar Lian-Li designs.

The tool-less designs were, for the most part, fantastic, and make installation a fair amount quicker. There’s very little to complain about with this chassis, but a slight change to the tool-less expansion slot device would be appreciated, as would a way to ensure that the top of the case doesn’t accidentally pop off, maybe allowing a pin to run through the snapping piece that holds it in. An E-SATA option would have been nice, too.

Other than those minor gripes, and yes, they are minor, the case is near perfect. Featuring a beautiful design, not one you see every day,  an incredibly light weight, and the style and innovation that comes standard from Lian-Li, the price can be justified. It’s at the uppermost echelon of the case market, and it easily holds its down, no doubt.

You’d be paying a premium price, and you’d be getting a premium product in return. While modding shouldn’t be necessary at this price point to get an expansion card installed, it was necessary to get the GTX 280 and the soundcard from the Crosshair III Formula in without breaking anything. With how well it holds them in though, I didn’t at all mind slightly modding it. Everything else on this case is so superbly designed and implemented, it’s astonishing. The Lian-Li legacy continues.



Lian Li PC-P50

Our thanks go to Lian Li and SilverPCs for providing the PC-P50 for this review.



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