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Lepa NEOllusion RGB LED CPU Cooler Review

Posted March 31, 2017 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $59.99 on Amazon


Amazing RGB Aesthetics, Excellent Build Quality, Solid Cooling Performance, Easy Install


Pricing is a bit high for coolers, but the NEOllusion is unique in its RGB effect
The NEOllusion is simply the best looking air cooler out there with the RGB lighting and it doesn't sacrifice performance or quality to do it either.
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by Josh Jackson
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So far, it looks like Lepa has completely knocked it out of the park with their NEOllusion. The install process was flawless and the performance was certainly on par with what I was expecting from the unit. I can’t wait to get more results in the future, but clock speeds came in at almost exactly what I was expecting based on my past experience. The RGB lighting effect on this cooler is completely brilliant! The advertising certainly didn’t do it justice and while I hope to see compatibility with RGB motherboard headers in future revisions, I understand that adoption of that feature is still pretty new for the market.Lepa Thumb

It seems like we’re ready to pack this review up and ship it away, but we need to look at that price. Right now, the lowest is on Amazon for $60. That’s pretty steep for a single tower 120mm air cooler! When you have comparable units in the $20-$30 range, I feel like Lepa has put themselves in a very tight spot. While the RGB effect is bound to have some impact on pricing, I feel like the unit does have an exceptional quality to match. Can any unit have too much quality? That’s hard to say, but I feel like if we saw this unit retail at $40, it would be flying off the shelves.

Awarding the NEOllusion was really difficult for me with that price. In fact, that’s the only con that stands out, but it’s also impossible to ignore. On the other hand, it’s also impossible to ignore that Lepa is the only company that seems to have the right idea about RGB on an air cooler. Serisously! Why can’t I easily find another option for RGB air coolers!?! They could have easily copped out and simple used and RGB fan, but the design on this unit is nothing short of phenomenal. So after serious deliberation, we proudly give the Lepa NEOllusion RGB LED CPU Cooler the Pureoverclock Editor’s Choice Award.

(The final weight was the fact that I already purchased one of these units for another build I did. If the price didn’t completely deter me, I doubt it will totally deter othersĀ as well!)


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