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Lepa G700-MA

Posted March 26, 2012 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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We’ve seen a recent rise in popularity of dual GPUs, Quad CPUs, even hex-core processors. While manufacturers are working on power efficiency for their products, the general trend has been higher energy consumption. Systems now feature more graphics cards, generally to increase the FPS in games or even possibly due to their excellent output for Folding @ Home, and we also see Quad Crossfire and Quad SLI setups. The need to power these systems in a stable environment is greater than ever, and the power supplies required to feed these setups are a select group of products.

Consumers have wised up to the importance of protecting their computer with some quality components, not the least of which is the power supply. Modern power supplies come in an abundance of models and makes, wattages and colors.Manufacturers, now more than ever, are offering a wider selection of choices to a more astute public, and with systems typically consuming more and more power with each generation, the once-lowly power supply now occupies a critical place in a computer system.

Lepa probably isn’t the best known name on the power supply market, and there’s a good chance you haven’t heard of them. And while we don’t normally advocate using power supplies from virtual unknowns, Lepa is a bit different. Ecomaster is the distributor of not only Lepa units, but Enermax as well. And Enermax is probably one of the most respected names in the industry. And true enough, when we saw this Lepa G700-MA 700W power supply up close and personal, it looked very much like an Enermax unit. And opening it up, sure enough, it looked like an Enermax unit. So essentially while Lepa may not be well known, Enermax is, and the reality is you are getting an Enermax unit at a more affordable price. Now that really got our curiousity. Question is: does this Lepa power supply perform like an Enermax unit? Let’s find out.



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