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Lepa G1600-MA

Posted June 21, 2012 by Jake in Cases & PSU







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by Jake
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The Lepa G1600-MA 80+ Gold is not only a fantastic looking power supply, it also delivers excellent performance, has great features, as looks sexy . As you can see from the G1600-MA testing results, the unit has excellent efficiency even when taxed out with our very power hungry high end system.

The Lepa G1600-MA is also user friendly for 24/7 operation, while at the same time remaining quite and cool when running at both idle and under load. As you saw earlier in the review, Lepa did include a decent assortment of sleeved modular cables that will support the latest multiple SLI/Crossfire setups with an easy to use connection design.

The cable lengths are also very generous, the scratch and finger print resistant power coat finish on the Lepa G1600-MA further adds to the list of pros, and with a 80+ Gold rating this beast of a power supply with a peak power rating of 1700 watts should not disappoint any enthusiast.

As you’re already expecting, the quality and performance of the Lepa G1600-MA does not come cheap, when we last checked the price Newegg it was retailing for $329.99 , but let’s face it this is a decent price for 1600 watts of continuous power that peaks at 1700 watts.

Add the fact that the G1600-MA is fully modular and has a wide assortment of cables, it’s not only sexy, it’s also strong and durable, and can handle a highly overclocked Sandy Bridge-E 3960X processor with dual GTX 590s in Quad SLI without breaking a sweat.

The Lepa G1600-MA is a strong performing power supply, it’s also sexy, has great features and a decent assortment of cables, so if you’re looking for a high wattage power supply to power your next high-end build without breaking your wallet, the Lepa G1600-MA should be on your short list.

Lepa G1600-MA



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