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Lamptron Flexlight Multi Simple and Multi Programmable RGB LED Strips Review

Posted July 20, 2017 by Mario Campos in Peripherals


Release Date: August 2017
Price at time of Review: MSRP of $28.99-$46.99


Very long strand of LEDs for the price, very small controller, Hundreds of pre-programmed patterns (Programmable), RGB headers connectors can be used on motherboard (Simple DUA), very flexible yet durable, bright


Molex connectors, magnets are not fixed to strand (Simple), one of the remotes was not correctly performing (1m Programmable), hard to bring brightness down
Great price for the features and number of LEDs. Go for it.
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by Mario Campos
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What’s in the Box?

I was sent four mostly different products:

The Lamptron Flexlight Multi Simple 1.5 meter Magnetic
The Lamptron Flexlight Multi Simple Due kit Magnetic
The Lamptron Flexlight Multi Programmable 1 meter
The Lamptron Flexlight Multi Programmable 1.5 meter

I wrote them out so you know what to search for, but from now on the previous items will be referred to as Simple and Programmable unless I’m describing a specific feature/issue to a model.

Both Simple and Programmable feature a molex connector for power and a remote. The remote controls speed, mode (light patterns), and brightness. The Simple has an extra two buttons for changing color. Why is that? What separates Programmable and Simple is individual LED lighting. Simple can only light all of the LEDs at the same time and with the same color. Programmable can create variations in individual LED lighting patterns. If the Programmable can do the same patterns and more, why would you want the Simple? Turns out there’s a reason.

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