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Lamptron Fan Controller Roundup

Posted September 12, 2011 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Mid Range: The FC-5 V2

Next is the Lamptron FC-5 V2 fan controller. Below are the specifications:

The box for the FC-5 V2 is a bit larger than than the F4, similarly packaged with an image of the controller, and features and specs noted as well.

The accessory package comes with four 3-pin cables for your fans, which measure out at 20” long and four 2-pin temperature sensor cables, measuring out at a whopping 28.5” in length for excellent cable management. None of these are flagged or labeled to correspond with the four numbered plugs at the rear, and I would have loved to see these sleeved in one color to make them more aesthetically pleasing, but also easier to route and manage throughout the case. There is also have a spare jumper included to silence the alarm, an instruction manual, and four mounting screws for installation in a 5.25” bay.

The Lamptron FC-5 V2 is a 4-channel controller with 30 watts per channel, and an LCD readout. This unit can be set in auto mode, but also the option to control fan speed, voltage, and alarm temps on each channel independently as well. Another nice option is the ability to select one of seven different color displays to aesthetically match your case theme. Ruggedly built and CNC-milled from ¾” aluminum, it is beautiful. It comes in a choice of black anodized or silver aluminum finish.

Taking a closer look, across the top are four fan connections clearly marked 1 thru 4, and down the right side are connections for the corresponding temperature probes. There are detailed instructions on moving several jumpers to change the colors of the readout along with options like alarm warning, Imperial or Metric display, and voltage display modes to choose from. I am very impressed with the excellent quality of the components used, as well as the attention to detail and build quality of this controller.

Let’s take a look at the last fan controller from Lamptron.

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