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Lamptron Fan Controller Roundup

Posted September 12, 2011 by Jake in Cooling







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by Jake
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Entry Level: The FC-4

First up, let’s look at the Lamptron FC-4 fan controller. Below are the specifications:

What we have are well packaged and compartmentalized products on all three controllers with the Lamptron colors along with clear color graphics, and details and specifications to help you make an informative decision and a wise purchase to suit your needs.

The cable kit comes with four 3-pin cables at an ample length of almost 20” to reach across your case for good cable management, and a 4-pin male female Molex cable for your power supply. Also included are four screws to secure the controller in your 5.25” drive bay.

The FC-4 can be consider the entry level model, simple and effective; a 4-channel controller with no frills other than the LED lights behind the speed adjustment knobs. It comes with an ample amount of wattage at 20 Watts per channel to handle up to 4 fans without issue, as most fans only require a minimum of 5 Watts for continuous operation. It comes available in 2 colors: Black anodized or plain aluminum finish, with fan speed and LED brightness controlled with the turn of the knob.

Taking a closer look at the circuit board of the FC4, from the back across the bottom are the four 3-pin connectors labeled 1 thru 4 for fan wires. Also shown is the standard 4-pin Molex connection for 12V power, and aluminum heatsinks on the corresponding channels to help dissipate heat. The circuit board is held securely in place by two screws on the left and right, and two tabs at the top and bottom center.

Let’s move onto the next controller.

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