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LAMPTRON CM430 Fan Controller Review

Posted October 11, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $35.32-$40.99 on Amazon


Crisp Display, Easy to set up, Simple to use


Fan Hubs, Motherboards having more fan headers and other hubs make competition really tough for controllers
This is a great fan controller, especially if you want a nice digital display for looks on the front of your case.
by Josh Jackson
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LAMPTRON gave us a very solid product today. The display looks crisp which is one of the most important factors for this fan controller. If you want something that has a digital look for your PC, the CM430 will fit the bill nicely. The touch screen isn’t going to feel like a cell phone since it’s resistive touch, but it was easy to navigate none-the-less. The biggest issue I see for fan controllers in general is the competition from fan hubs. Drive bays are becoming a thing of the past in cases which may have already included a fan hub to begin with. On top of that, fan hubs are pretty cheap.

Lamptron CM430 Fan Controllers (1)

The LAMPTRON CM430 ranges from about $35-$41 on Amazon right now. Prime shipping is great, but these prices can become increasingly harder to pass off to consumers who may prefer to control their case fans with on board motherboard headers or fan hubs. Even though the price is competitive with other controllers, I feel like many of these controllers need to be in the $20-$30 range to really get people’s attention. I also think we need better displays that offer .gif customization and surface capacitive touch. Allowing users to set custom wallpapers, themes, and button styles would really shake up what is turning into an aging industry.

Overall though, the LAMPTRON CM430 is a great product. Even if fan controllers are beginning to feel a bit dated, at least these ones were made nicely. The pricing might be a bit much for the likes of the Grid+ or fan hubs, but at least it’s competitive within it’s own kind. The computer industry may not be forgiving to anything but the latest, but I can easily recommend the CM430 for anyone looking for a fan controller. With that, we happily award the LAMPTRON CM430 Fan Controllers the Pureoverclock Great Hardware Award!

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