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LAMPTRON CM430 Fan Controller Review

Posted October 11, 2016 by Josh Jackson in Cooling


Price at time of Review: $35.32-$40.99 on Amazon


Crisp Display, Easy to set up, Simple to use


Fan Hubs, Motherboards having more fan headers and other hubs make competition really tough for controllers
This is a great fan controller, especially if you want a nice digital display for looks on the front of your case.
by Josh Jackson
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Closer Look: CM430 Fan Controller

The controller is pretty simplistic at first glance. The front panel is pretty reflective.

Lamptron CM430 Fan Controllers (6)

On the back side, you can see the fan connections, the power connector, and a pretty neat circuit board. Overall, everything looks like it’s put together very well.

Lamptron CM430 Fan Controllers (7)

The mounts are fairly short, but I think this is a good design for making sure the controller doesn’t get in the way with other components. If you’re scratching you’re head at this, then you probably haven’t moved a DVD drive down for your CPU cooler, or cut a chunk out of a plastic shell to make room for a fan. (True stories)

Lamptron CM430 Fan Controllers (8)

LAMPTRON gave us three colors to look at. The controllers only come in one color unfortunately. At least you get some good options to match the color scheme on your build.

Finally, here’s a quick look at the included cables. There’s plenty of length and you even have your temp sensors in case you want to monitor a component or set curves based on temperature.

Lamptron CM430 Fan Controllers (5)

Finally, here’s a link to the manual in case you want some more details on how to work the controller. In short, it’s very easy to figure how to work the CM430 if you touch the screen enough times. The displays are pretty good about describing what the settings are in and of themselves. Where it isn’t clear, the manual is good for clearing up any confusing points. For instance, the functional area uses F, P, or q to set the fan speed to a certain preset. F would seem like full, but ends up being half, while P is actually for full power. Considering the controller is a one slot design, I was surprised you could set alarms and even curves based on temperature.


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