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Lamptron CE420 Fan & RGB Controller Review

Posted September 28, 2018 by Josh Jackson in Peripherals


Price at time of Review: $69.50 on Performance PCs


Tons of Lighting Options, Great Remote, Wide Compatibility


US Availability
by Josh Jackson
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Lamptron doesn’t package on the level of major companies. However, they do an excellent job in not cutting corners on almost everything. The outer sleeve has a great design, shows off the product nicely, and includes some relevant information. The product is nicely protected in foam for shipping purposes.

If there is one corner that’s cut though, it’s the packaging of accessories. I understand the need to save on costs, but it would be nice if the extra wires were at least in a bag to help keep them together. As they stand right now, they’re sort of loosely shoved into the spaces around the controller. This is a pretty minor concern though, and the packaging can easily be reused if you every want to Ebay the product.

CE420 Closer Look

At first glance, the controller looks very similar to other Lamptron devices before it. The CE420 has a simple touch LCD screen, and it also has numerous connections for fans and RGB products. The CE420 supports both standard and addressable RGB. What stands out is the fantastic remote. The sleek, black design looks incredibly professional, especially when compared to the usual rainbow of buttons that other remotes typically entail.

Lamptron also included a light bar for us to look at in this review. What better way to test how the controller works? The bar itself looks like a very solid product. The frame is aluminum, and the product has built in magnets to easily stick to steel cases. If you have plastic or aluminum, you might need to invest in some double-sided tape though.

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