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Koolance CPU-380I Waterblock

Posted December 12, 2012 by Deton in Cooling







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Release Date: Currently available
Price at time of Review: $74.95


Sleek sexy and excellent performance.


Fittings & AMD hold-down bracket no longer included.
New King-of-the-Hill CPU water block.
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by Deton
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Koolance’s CPU-380I is an all-around great water block that has a sleek and robust design. It also has excellent craftsmanship in one complete package with a price tag of $74.95, backed by a one year warranty against defects in materials or workmanship. The CPU-380 only weighs 160g but still is very solid thanks to the heavy duty stainless steel hold-down bracket.

In terms of thermal performance, the CPU-380 out-runs today’s top performers such as XSPC Raystorm and the EK-Supremacy. It may not a shatter record but the CPU-380 did walk away with the King-of-the-Hill crown in one or two pump configurations. As for flow restriction, the CPU-380 has no problem pairing with a multiple block setup system.

Installation is fairly easy due to the newly improved lock-nut implementation for the post screws. The post-screw is no longer departing from the back-plate when you try to remove the thumbscrew.

Interestingly, there’s no mandatory block orientation when you install the CPU-380 but we discovered the CPU-380 yields better temperature when the block’s ports are perpendicular to the memory DIMMs.

Overall there’s a lot to like about the Koolance CPU-380I. It’s sexy, elegant and performs very well, and we like the look of its black acetal and nickel plate.

Holiday Season is here and if you are ready to take a plunge into DIY water cooling world, we highly recommend the Koolance CPU-380 for your new Intel or AMD build.




    erm, WHAT WE DISLIKED:Fittings & AMD hold-down bracket no longer included.
    AMD have their own separate 380A? lol…


      Blocks used to include both fittings and hardware, that is no longer the case. So consumers aren’t getting the choice in terms of value-added features. It’s either or. I suppose that’s not a problem if you have an Intel or AMD rig and never intended to switch, but for anyone who would, you’d need to buy it separately now; it was included before in the purchase price. I can understand the decision, but it’s also a bit of a “cheaping out” on the part of Koolance. Ideally, consumers should see a price drop to correspond to the lack of hardware no longer included.


    As Jake has pointed out, Koolance uses to included AMD & Intel hold-down brackets in one complete package. Now they available separately. A full metal nickle plated CPU block cost approximate $90-$100; example; the CPU-370 used to cost about $99, Raystrom Cu or Chromed is $95 and EK-Supremacy Fullnickle is $96. Now, the CPU-380i has no brass top or AMD hold-down bracket, therefore its price drop down to $74 but if you compare to the Supremacy then it doesn’t have the best value. Because the Supremacy has brass top and AMD bracket.

    Most people like to reuse their water blocks from one system to another. If you decided to build AMD in six months or a year from now then you can’t use the CPU-380I unless you have to purchase AMD hold-down bracket. When that time comes you might have a hard time to locate the bracket due to the vendor no longer carry the inventory or the manufacture no support older blocks.

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